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Published: Dec 22, 2011

Getting a new cat either as a kitten or a rescued adult from a shelter can be a great experience. Owners who have never had a pet before may wonder what toys are best to engage their new felines.

VCA Animal Hospitals reports the importance of understanding the natural behavior of cats in order to select appropriate toys. Cats are born hunters and stalkers, so toys that offer unpredictable movements, fast moving objects or ones with high-pitched sounds are often best. These toys will never get old to a cat, as they inherently desire chasing and "hunting."

Small, light toys may also be best for cats because they enjoy the act of stalking and pouncing on their prey and once they get it, they like to play with it and hold it in their mouths. A large, heavy object would be too much for these petite and agile creatures.

If a cat is extremely active and full of energy at all times, mind games such as puzzle feeders may work to both keep the cat entertained and allow it to enjoy bits of its nutritious pet food. An owner can fill the cube or ball with pet food and the cat must move it around the ground in order to dispense its food. Other supplies like a scratching post, toys with treats inside or laser pointers work to keep cats moving and having fun.

VCA reports keeping cats stimulated and active will help them avoid becoming overweight. Cats who gain too much weight are at risk for medical conditions such as heart or joint problems and even feline diabetes.