Santa Cruz Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Corey C.

    Biography coming soon.

  • Kennel Assistant

    Martha R.

    Martha has worked as a member of the kennel staff for over twenty years before the hospital was VCA.  She came from Mexico City to Santa Cruz after the  big earthquake there to stay with her brother. A connection with the veterinarian’s wife led her to her job.  Although Martha had no previous experience with animals she soon discovered that she had a natural rapport with them and loved to work with them. She loves people too and cares for each client’s animals as if they were her own. She might not have intended to make Santa Cruz her permanent home but soon she came to love it here and loved her job and her hospital “family”. Martha remembers very fondly that when she became a citizen of the United States the staff gave her a surprise party. In her spare time, Martha spends time with family and friends and her bird, Leo. She enjoys traveling to Mexico to spend be with extended family when time permits. Martha says she is glad to be at VCA. “It is the perfect job for me. The perfect job for anyone who loves animals.”

  • Groomer

    Ashley Evensen

    Ashley has been a groomer for the past eight years. She enjoys grooming all breeds of dogs and cats and finds grooming can be an outlet for creativity. Ashley is recognized for her outstanding grooms on the Standard Poodle, and has grown very fond of the breed. Previous to working at VCA Animal Hospital of Santa Cruz she taught grooming as an academy instructor. When she is not pampering pets, she loves spending quality time with her family and friends, and finds fulfillment working in her garden.