Monrovia Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Kyle Chavez
    School: Duarte High School

    Kyle grew up loving animals. They play a big part in his family life. He currently owns a very active  boxer mix named "Loki", two cats named "Shilo" and "Juliet", and a 20 year old tortoise named "Franklin". He treats every pet that visits us just like his own. Kyle  has worked at VCA Santa Anita since 2012. Pets are his passion. 

  • Kennel Assistant

    Yvette Chriscoe

    Yvette has been with VCA Santa Anita since 2004. Her passion is taking care of the client's pets. She refers to them as "My Babies". So if your pet is sick or here boarding know that Yvette will be taking care of them as if they were her very own children. 

  • Kennel Assistant

    Denae Gallegho

    I've always loved animals since I was a little girl. There is just something about their cute faces and how loveable they can be. I've also been rescuing dogs and cats ever since I was little. I love taking care of them as well as working with them. I wish I could rescue all of the animals at the shelter.

  • Kennel Assistant

    Jose Marin

    Jose has been with VCA Santa Anita since September 2008. He loves working with the pets.

  • Kennel Assistant

    Gloria Martinez
    Veterinary Tech School: Platt College

    Gloria is a wonderful caring person who takes excellent care of all of the pets that stay here. She makes sure that every cat and dog that is here for either boarding or a hospital stay is warm and cozy. She plays with the pets and makes sure that they are all happy and well fed. Gloria attends Platt College and is studying to become a registered veterinary technician. She has cats and dogs of her own that she loves dearly. She wants to assure all of the clients that she treats their pets exactly as if they were her own. Come by and say hi to Gloria :)