Client Services

  • Front Office Manager

    Bonnie Bonnie

    Hi! My name is Bonnie! When I was little I was abandoned at a fire station and rescued by everyone at VCA Sandy Lake. I love my basket, and as long as its out, I am usually asleep in it. I can be a little timid, so if it starts getting loud, I try to hide. Overall, I am a very sweet kitty and loved to be loved on.

  • Client Service

    Selena Garza

    Hey Y'all! My name is Selena Rae, I was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and recently ventured over here to the great state of Texas. For as long as I can remember I was raised around animals, specifically, American Pit Bull Terriers. My first dog ever was named Chata, and I inherited her from my father. But I don't just have an uncanny passion for dogs, I love all animals. I have land back in California as well as here in Texas where I've been blessed to train with many horses, as well as feed goats, cows and the occasional chicken and roosters. I have had my fair share in life with animals. I am a certified Medical Assistant waiting to take my boards to become a registered Medical Assistant, but amazingly enough, I have found that animals are my calling. I am changing my major, and hopefully will become a large animal veterinarian one day. With that being said, my long term goal  will be to open my own practice and combine both my human medical side as well as my animal medical side and open a clinic for large animals that will also help special needs children develop a connection with an animal that will make them feel no difference from another child. For now, I plan to grow and build with my VCA Sandy Lake Family.

  • Receptionist

    Samantha Sanders

    I grew up in West Bloomfield, Michigan with two sisters and plenty of pets. Throughout the years, our house always had at least one dog, a tortoise, hamsters, birds, a cat, and fish tank full of sea creatures. I went to Michigan State University for 2 years before I moved to Texas in 2012. I have a Great Pyrenees mix, Nora, which I adopted from SPCA. I am very passionate about helping animals and wildlife. In my free time, I like to volunteer at the SPCA, traveling, hiking with my dog, going to concerts, and outdoor adventures.