Parasite Prevention

First Quarter (January - March)



Preventing Parasites

Now that we have learned how parasites routinely cause severe disease and can even lead to death, let’s focus on how we can keep our pets and ourselves parasite free.
The most effective and safest way to prevent parasitic infection is through prevention.  Although most parasitic infections are treatable, the treatments cannot reverse the damage the parasites have already done.  There are a variety of preventatives on the market today and deciding which is best for your pet can be a challenge.  With the right information, you and your veterinarian can decide together which parasite prevention is right for your pets.  

Introducing VCA  Home Delivery

Sometimes it just isn’t convenient to stop by the vet and pick up your pets’ medications when there are so many other family obligations to attend to in a day.  Home Delivery is a service we now offer to make your life easier.  You can order flea/heartworm prevention, medications, and food, and have them delivered right to your door.  

Home Delivery also offers the Never Forget service.  With Never Forget, the medicine arrives in your mailbox on a set day every month.  The benefits are twofold.  First, it helps you remember to give the medications every month. Also, you are only charged for the product once it is shipped, so the cost of medications can be spread out over a longer period of time instead of one big expense upfront.  You will also receive your 6th and 12th month free when you purchase separate heartworm and flea prevention.  Ask your veterinarian today how you can save money providing the best care for your pet!