Dental Disease and More!

First Quarter (January - March)

® 2011 PetFit Challenge

Excessive body fat is known to cause a myriad of health problems including  arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, heat stroke, and early mortality.  Hill's® is dedicated to helping you reach your pet’s weight loss goals.  

The #1 reason that weight loss programs do not work for pets is due to owners feeding them too many calories.  Measuring food is cumbersome and we do not want to stop giving our pets the treats they love. Hill's® recognizes this and has developed an easy packaging system that has pre-measured food and treat pouches.

The Hill's® Science Diet® Weight Loss System is an easy to follow and convenient system that gives the owners ofoverweight pets everything they need to help their pets achieve and maintain a healthy weight. By feeding the recommended amount of food and biscuits packets, owners can see a difference in as little as 30 days.

Does Your Pet Get 'Best Care’?

Regular physical exams by a veterinarian are the best way to detect disease or potential problems early in your pets.  However, the physical exam only gives the veterinarian one aspect of your pets health.  Routine diagnostic testing, such as bloodwork, urine examination, and fecal examination, are another invaluable part of making sure your pet’s organs are working properly and that there are no underlying infections or parasitic infestations.  This testing also gives your veterinarian a baseline of what "normal" is for your individual pet so that when diseases do start to sprout up, your vet can detect them earlier.

VCA is now offering a comprehensive package that includes the physical exam, complete blood count, blood chemistries, heartworm test, urinalysis, and fecal exam all for one low cost.  Also when you purchase the Best Care package, you will receive 50% off your pet’s vaccinations.  That can be up to an additional $40 savings.  Give us a call to schedule your pet’s Best Care appointment today!

We’re Not JUST a Vet Clinic!

Going out of Town? Let us take care of your pets while you are away.  We have a huge backyard for your pet to play in at least 3 times a day.  Our kennels are spacious and our staff is equipped to handle all of your pets needs.  If anything happens to your pet while you are away, our vets are on site to help bring Fluffy back to good health.

Are your friends confusing your Shih Tzu for a mop head? Longer haired pets require daily brushing and routine grooming to keep them in tip top shape and looking their best.  Our board certified groomer is available on Mondays and Fridays to meet your pet’s needs.  From Afghans to Westies, our groomer, Alisha, can do it all!  We also offer bathing for your pets Monday through Friday.  Just give us a call and we’ll help you transform your pets from smelly to smiley!