VCA San Martin Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Losing Charlotte

-Michele De Marco from Gilroy, CA
Pet Name: Charlotte

Dr. Keesling operated on my pet rat removing a tumor. Unfortunately more tumors eventually grew and she had to be put to sleep. I know it was a 6.00 rat, but our family loved her so losing her was hard.

Dr. Keesling was very respectful and sympathetic. He understood how much we cared and did all he could for her.

I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else.

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Best Care Ever

-JC and Jen Vazquez from San Jose, CA
Pet Name: Coco Pebbles

My chocolate labrador Coco Pebbles had a swollen paw for 4 days and while it was getting better, she played with her husband and son and it swelled up again. Called and the staff was SO FRIENDLY and helpful and got me right in even though it was 7 at night. Dr. Beau Bedell was extremely helpful and showed true concern for her. He even used an ultrasound and prescribed meds. We expected to pay 300-500 for this visit and were shocked and relieved that not only was she going to mend, but that it was under $100. I actually asked the staff person to double check to be sure. We have three labradors and they will be our Vet moving forward. Their true caring and support (and not the typical money hungry try 8 different tests and charge a fortune we've seen in the past). DON'T hesitate to take your pet to this location. You will be very happy!