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Published: Jun 08, 2012

Bringing a puppy home is one of the most exciting moments in many pet owners' lives, but puppy training is no easy feat. Teaching your dog how to behave is a crucial aspect of raising puppies, and it is important to start this process from the day you bring the canine home.

All puppies start learning from birth. Puppies can learn commands such as "sit," "down" and "stay," as young as 7 or 8 weeks old, although you should expect a short attention span, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

Positive reinforcement and "food-lure" training are the best methods to teach your dog the skills you want it to be able to perform. Even if your training sessions are short, they should occur daily. Use the food to lure the dog into the position you want it to be in (waving it to the ground if you want it to lie down, for instance) and pair the movement with the verbal command.

At first, the puppy will need to see the food in your hand to follow it into the position, but as your puppy gradually becomes more familiar with these exercises, you can hide the food in your hand but give the command, and they puppy will likely know what you want it to do.