VCA Salem Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Best Care

-David from Keizer, OR
Pet Name: Angel

The behind the scene care at this facility is fabulous. The instrumentation and especially the Doctor care is on par or I can even argue above par with a people hospital.

Thanks for your excellent care!

Welcoming Environment

-Christy from Salem, OR

I took me a long time to finally find a veterinary office where I felt more like a friend than a customer. The front office staff is friendly, they know your dogs name when they walk in the door. Dr. Thomas is great! He has been great with both my dogs and I would recommend him to anyone who asks. He really cares about his patients and their owners. The whole environment when you walk in the door is so much more relaxed than other veterinary offices I have been to.

Beyond Our Expectations

-Earnest Sowards from Salem, OR


My name is Ernest. My wife and I have recently moved our animal care responsibilities... to your hospital. We have never made a wiser choice for our pets! No more waiting for hours, being treated as if we should be "honored" we've brought our pet to them for care and sitting in an ill-designed waiting area waiting to be seen, while technicians chit chat at the counter! All the while, our pet is suffering.

The level of care you've thus far provided has been beyond our expectations and very assisting and professional every step of the way. Your technicians are kind, understanding and sympathetic to the animal, the pet owner's pain and our emotional attachment. Regardless of the reasons for stopping by, every one we've been in contact with has shown us kindness and understanding throughout our visit. Their smiles put us at ease.

Your professional medical staff has been knowledgeable, compassionate and caring for both the animal's situation as well as the owner's pain and discomfort. Their diagnosis is simple, concise and informative to give a person a complete picture of their animal's health. It is a relaxing comfort for us to have faith in those we've chosen to help our pets in their time of need. These doctors display the knowledge and manners to properly deal with emotional pet owners, while maintaining a human connection with the owner as well. They do not present themselves as better than everyone else and are pleasant to talk to and discuss medical situations with. No question goes unanswered and they go out of their way to provide comfort to the pet and it's owner. Phone calls following a visit further show their personal touch and caring for our pets.

My wife and I hope this e-mail will either be posted in a place where all can read it, or circulated so that each of your staff knows others DO recognize their efforts and contributions; we thank them for going the extra mile for the pets and clients alike. Their personal touch is very much appreciated.

We are so very fortunate to have such a facility and staff to care for our pets! You've relaxed our fears and have given us hope and piece of mind as well.

Thank You! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each of you.


Ernie and Debbie ...and Alexander, Thomas, Samantha, Charles, William, Andrew, Dink, Sobe and the unforgettable Napoleon!

My beloved boy

-Judi Richards from SALEM, OR
Pet Name: Jack

It has taken over a year to get to the point where I could put to words the pathway that the special people at VCA have helped me travel. In the last 2 years I have lost my most special friend (cat) who "loved me" through the road of Cancer only to die himself of Cancer of the mouth.Then within the next year our faithful dog followed him to leave us empty and petless. Now that we have a new "demon dog" to fill the void but not replace. My family but most importantly grandma @ 100years look thankfully at the people who helped us give our lovies a graceful passing and comfort to us left behind. The vet held our hands and gave us such comfort knowing all that could be done was DONE. I reflect on the moment and thank you for your love.

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-Eric Z from Salem, OR
Pet Name: Winky

Winky -

When we are in panic mode due to our pets' health issues, its nice to know there are caring folks as yourselves available 7 days a week to help with our angst. Thank-you for being there with me (and Winky). - Eric

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Thank you

-Ellen from Salem, OR
Pet Name: Maddie

I want to thank ALL the staff at the Salem, Oregon VCA for the lifelong care they gave my standard poodle, Brenna. She started her visits there as a 12-week-old puppy and recently ended her visits there at age 11 when she was admitted in sudden medical crisis. She had several surgeries, dental work, some grooming until age 2 when I learned how and could do it myself (thanks for training her to the grooming table!), her shots and wellness exams. She always trotted happily in to see you guys and gals, except for that last visit, when she just couldn't. She thanks you and we all thank you. When she gave me permission to pick out another walking buddy, this time I went to the local shelter and adopted a 4-year-old scruffball of some sort who has eaten far too many table scraps but is otherwise in good health, and she will get to meet you next week. She seems to love everybody so I'm sure she'll be trotting in happily as well. Thanks again. We couldn't thrive without you!

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Made the hardest day peaceful

-Alicia Matson from Salem, OR
Pet Name: Brooklyn

To all of you who work at the Salem location, thank you. All of you were so wonderful to Brooklyn through her health issues. You all gave great advice not only as a doctor but from Brooklyn's perspective as well. Her last day was so incredibly difficult but you all made Brooklyn and her whole family a priority. Thank you!