VCA Roswell Animal Hospital Testimonials

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My Dog Actually LIKES It

-Abi from Roswell, GA
Pet Name: Nyx

I have had animals all my life (both dogs and cats) and I have to say of all the vets I have ever visited this is the all time best! My dog actually likes to go to the vet. She perks up everytime we pull in the parking lot (even though it is her doctor - I wish I had her courage).

I just want to say how happy I am that we found your institution!

Thanks for all you do...

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Thank you.

-Beth from Roswell, GA
Pet Name: Odyssey

I want to thank the Doctors and staff - from the front desk to the wonderful folks in the back - for taking such good care of my little girl these past 11 years.

I will miss her forever but I know that one of the reasons she was with me as long as she was is the people who cared for her during her life - from the Drs Garrett at the beginning, through Drs Decker and Hillier and then finally Drs Katz and Ray.

It is a wonderful thing to have people who care so much about animals that the feeling of care spills over onto the people owned by them.

Odyssey - 7/27/99 - 12/04/10

Saving Scarlett

-Theresa from Woodstock, GA
Pet Name: Scarlett

My dog Scarlett was ill for most of 2010. If I began to tell you why Scarlett was ill I would have to write a book but needless to say she is healthy and happy now due to Dr. Ray and the incredible staff at Roswell Animal Hospital. They were just as concerned as we were over Scarlett's health issue and were incredibly caring. Dr Ray often consulted with vets/specialists at other facilities to try to pinpoint Scarlett's problem. She went above and beyond to help our dog and after months and months of one issue after another, we finally got Scarlett back to health. I never felt that I was pushed or being "sold" treatment either (like I have in the past at other facilities). Dr Ray called almost everyday and thoroughly explained everything to me. All of the staff are polite, caring and personable. I can't say enough good things about them!

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Wonderful Dr. Cearbaugh

-K. Erickson from Duluth, GA
Pet Name: Jake, Kara, Zoe, and Hollis

Dr. Karen Cearbaugh is the most wonderful vet. In the 12 years and 6 dogs I have owned (currently 4) she has given me the best care with the most compassion of any vet I have come across. She is constantly going to vet seminars and stays very knowledgeable on the latest and greatest advancements and recommendations from the national vet associations. I know whatever recommendation she makes is well informed and has my dogs’ best interest at heart.

Dr. Cearbaugh is such a kind person and has a calming presence no matter the situation. I love the fact that she gives my dogs kisses and truly cares about them. My dogs are never nervous coming to VCA and enjoying seeing the staff and Dr. Cearbaugh. She has wonderful patience and answers all my questions, which are a lot having 4 dogs! Dr. Cearbaugh has gone above and beyond for me too many times to count, but especially when I lost one of my dogs unexpectedly.

The rest of the staff is friendly and also genuinely cares for the animals. I know when I do need to leave them for surgery they are in the best hands. I drive all the way from Duluth and couldn’t imagine putting my dogs’ care in anyone else’s hands.

Photo courtesy of LuLu Photos in Alpharetta

Many Years of Amazing Care Continues

-Kelly from Alpharetta, GA
Pet Name: Buggy and Ollie

VCA Roswell Animal Hospital has been our Vet since 1996. They took such excellent care for years of our kitties, Monkey and Woogie, both who lived to be 20 years old. When our older kitties passed away earlier this year, we adopted 2 new kittens. And of course, we are continuing to use this wonderful practice. It's not the closest vet to us- but we are willing to make the drive for these vets. Our new kittens, Buggy and Ollie, came with lots of health issues from the pound. Dr. Ray & Cearbaugh have helped us get them back to health to start their hopefully very long lives. We can't recommend these vets more.

Go the Extra Mile. Wonderful Care, Wonderful Staff

-Lisa Green from Cumming, GA
Pet Name: Maui Wowie

I have to tell you when it comes to going that extra mile VCA Roswell Animal Hospital did just that! It started after a harmless trip to the Atlanta Humane Society to " just look". It seems I was adopted by the sweetest little kitty. Trouble was I have a condition that makes my immune system not up to par. I must say I was rather worried about my choice and wasn't sure if there was anything I should be concerned about. After adopting from the Atlanta Humane Society you have 5 days to bring your new pet by their local VCA office to have a check up, ensuring your new pet is healthy. It was at this visit I expressed my concerns. Dr. Ottoman went out of her way giving my new kitty a head to toe check up, discussing with me the concerns I had, and easing my fears with clear, sound information and advise. I absolutely loved Dr. Ottoman and even though Roswell is out of my way, I'm totally going to put my sons dog on her client list as well. I happened to mention that my kitty cried quite a bit on the drive to the vet. Before I knew it I had a new patient bag in hand full of goodies, one of which was a product that upon wiping the inside of your pets carrier they settle down as the mothers pheromone on the wipe helps to calm down your pet. Sure enough he slept the entire way home. The girls in the office were so helpful as well and a real pleasure to work with. I normally don't take the time to write a review...but since they went out of their way to make me not only happy with my decision to adopt...but well informed as well, the least I can do is let you guys know where to go. VCA Roswell Animal Hospital & Dr. Ottmann Are the absolute best!!! Thanks so much, I'll never go anywhere else, and advise you not to as well. Lisa Green

I Love This Place

-Robyn from Roswell, GA

If I ever move out of Atlanta, I might have to take Dr. Cearbaugh and the staff with me. To say that I love this place is an understatement and to say that my fur-family is well taken care of is an understatement. Dr. Cearbaugh has a heart of gold, is really thorough, and attentive. There aren't enough words to say how much I appreciate all she (and the staff) have done for me. Each of the cats I have had has encountered some sort of special need - from hypothyroidism, diabetes, asthma, to nasal cancer and food allergies - and she has met each challenge with depth and empathy. She even took time to help give a 2nd opinion for a family pet that lives in St. Louis with my mom. I trust her implicitly!

Simply the best

-Gurdon Hornor from Canton, GA
Pet Name: Sophie

Dr. Cearbaugh has taken the most amazing care of our dogs. Most recently, we found a lost and lonely coonhound and our gates. She had gum disease, several tumors and a horrendous ear infection. Of course she had not been spayed either! With her help, Sophie had her tumors removed and they were benign, had a tooth removed and a dental, had a truly persistent ear infection cleared up and was eventually spayed. She and the staff truly loved on Sophie through the whole process and her patience was truly appreciated. They have provided such excellent care for our animals, we would never go anywhere else!