VCA Roswell Animal Hospital

Veterinary Support

  • Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

    Lea Mercer
    Veterinary Tech School: Gwinnett Tech

    Lea has been a valuable part of the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital team since 1995!  When not at work, Lea enjoys spending time with her daughter and cat, Fin. 

    Lea explains "I know that each day I walk into the door that I'm going to make a difference in each pet’s life. I enjoy interacting with clients and pets of all ages and believe I too can make that huge difference even though I am not a veterinarian."

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Precious Alston
    Veterinary Tech School: Gwinnett Technical College

    Precious joined the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family in May of 2013 with two years of experience in the animal field. She grew up in Staten Island, New York and is currently pursuing her Veterinary Technology degree at Gwinnett Technical College. 

    When not at work, Precious enjoys baking, playing Rugby, going to the shooting range, and photo sessions with her pets. She is also a member of the University of Georgia’s Herpetology Society. Precious’s own pets consist of Bailey, a two-year-old, albino Doberman Pinscher, Leeloo, a tortoise-shell calico cat, Zeus, an albino Burmese Python, and Roswell, a Great Dane.

    Precious says, “When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see looking up at me are four beady little eyes, one set that is blue and another that is yellow, followed by an abundance of kisses from my dog and cat. It brings me joy to know that they are so happy and healthy. That is my motivation for getting up every morning and coming in to work: I want every dog or cat that I am responsible for to receive the same excellent level of care that my own pets do so that they can bring a smile to their family's faces every day.”

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Sandy Ehlebracht
    Veterinary Tech School: Penn Foster College
    School: Art Institute of Atlanta, Associates in Fashion Merchandising

    Sandy joined the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family in November of 2012. She grew up in Hilton Head, South Carolina and moved to the Cumming area in 2001. Prior to joining our team, Sandy volunteered with the Humane Society of Forsyth County. She graduated in 1986 from the Art Institute of Atlanta with her Associates in Fashion Merchandising and is currently pursuing her veterinary technology degree through Penn Foster College. When asked why she likes working in the veterinary field, Sandy said "I am instinctually a caretaker and, because of this, I feel that being around people and animals is a calling...”

    When not at work, Sandy enjoys baking, watching cooking shows with her husband, and finding activities for her children to do that are not average, such as geo caching and odd arts and crafts. Ultimately, laughing and spending time with her family is her favorite interest!

    Sandy explains "I was lucky enough to be granted a job with VCA Roswell Animal Hospital on Nov 22 2012.  Since that wonderful day I have been striving to learn as much as possible and understand what I have learned. There have been a few hiccups from time to time but the staff here has been more than an encouragement more like my own private cheer team. I am spoken to with respect and the confidence that what will be taught to me is something I can handle. The Doctors are never to busy to answer questions as why they are performing the task they are. Explanations are given for what is wrong with a patient, and most of all chances are given. The people here don't want you to fail they want you to be good at your job, and that to me is a sound work environment!  My interest for this field was when I decided to volunteer for the Forsyth County Humane Society. I was totally blind to how many pets were in need of homes and special care. I have always been a person to help those in need and care for those that didn't have a shoulder to lean on. I knew that this was a field where I could apply all of me to helping those that can't speak.  Some people like sit behind a desk and not deal with the others. I on the other hand like to please people and make them feel like they are my number one priority. My past work experience was giving people the satisfaction of getting the best for what they desire. Here I give the pets and clients the best in what they desire. The fact that I get unconditional love every day from the patients is just icing on the cake. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had the chance to be a part of. I wouldn't care if I had to work days straight or endless hours in a day, the love and happiness I see in the patients eyes with them hopefully understanding that we are hear to care and make the best life possible for them. Comfort them when they are in pain and reward them for a job well done, it's my job to take care of them. I challenge myself to push back any fears and to learn more and more each day. Sneaking in a super hug, kiss and nosey to a patient helps me everyday."

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Kym Haney

    Kym joined the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family in 2009 and has worked in the veterinary field since 2003. She was born and raised here in Georgia and has a criminal justice degree. Kym and her partner, Stephanie, have been together for five years; together they have Charlie, a pinscher mix, Avery, a pointer mix, and Buddy, a Shar-pei.

    Kym says, "I love working with animals because they are the greatest companions anyone could ever have; they are loyal and selfless. Helping animals in need is the greatest feeling one could ever feel."

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Aliya Wilson

    Aliya has been a member of the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family since 2007.  She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to the Roswell area in 2000.  When not at work spoiling her patients, Aliya is at home spoiling her own family which includes her adorable baby boy, Ashton, and two cats, Dodge and Lola.  Also in her free time Aliya enjoys spending time with her husband and son, fishing, hiking, and making an attempt at playing tennis.  She also volunteers at the VCA-sponsored pet parade held every year.  

    Aliya enjoys all types of animals and loves to help the ones in need.  She wears many hats at the hospital as she is a veterinary assistant, the kennel supervisor, and manages the inventory to ensure everything is properly stocked so that clients and patients can be offered top-notch care.

    Aliya says "I love the people I work with and working with the humane society.  And our long time clients--I love having patients and people come in and knowing their names." 

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Kristen Windsor
    School: The University of West Georgia, Associate in English

    After a brief stint away, Kristen came back home to rejoin her VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family in July of 2014; our resident Cat Lady is back!  Kristen grew up in Lilburn, Georgia and graduated from Brookwood High School.  After graduation, she went on to attend West Georgia College where she earned a degree in English.  When not at work caring for her patients and clients, she can be found smothering her own fur babies with love!  "Why do I love my job at VCA Roswell Animal Hospital?  There are so many reasons and not enough space!  The first reason I love being a part of the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family is because of the kitties & doggies (okay, mostly the kitties; sorry, I am the cat lady after all!). It brings me so much joy to see a once ailing pet get better with our help! There are always the kisses & cuddles we get from our precious patients and, as if that isn't enough, we have the most amazing clients who will do anything for their furry friends.  Fur parents, you make our work even that much better with your support & gratitude.  Lastly, I LOVE my supportive coworkers!  In fact, they are like family and help make waking up every morning worth it!  I love it that these family members of mine love animals just as much as me!  If you are looking for a new veterinarian, please come and join our family; I promise you won’t regret it!"


Specialty Care

Sometimes sick or injured pets need the care of a veterinary medical specialist. When that happens, VCA specialty hospitals work closely with the general practitioner veterinarians who refer cases to us in order to provide seamless veterinary care to your pet. When your pet is facing any kind of serious illness or injury, our specialty referral hospitals will provide the compassionate and expert care your beloved pet needs.

Our goal is to make sure that when you and your pet are in need that you have access to board certified specialists who are up to date on the very latest developments in their field. In our state of the art hospitals, our specialists also have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools and techniques from ultrasonography and endoscopy to CAT scans and even MRI.

As part of the VCA family, we have over 83 specialty hospitals across the US and Canada which provide referral specialty care, so there may be one near you. Our specialized services include: behavior, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, reproduction, and surgery.

Find a VCA Specialty Care Animal Hospital near you:


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Emergency Care


Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton

900 Mansell Rd., Suite 19

Roswell, GA  30076


During an emergency, remember to:

  1. Remain calm.  You are doing the best for your pet by taking steps to help.
  2. Call us!  If we are unavailable, call the emergency facility listed above. 
  3. Tell us the nature of the problem.  We will give you instructions on how to handle your pet while in route to our hospital.
  4. Be careful.  When injured and scared, even a loving pet may bite.