Rabbits make excellent household pets. They are intelligent, clean and very quiet. The average life span for a bunny is 7 to 10 years. There have been reports of rabbits living 12-15 years! Good housing and a proper diet of dark leafy greens, unlimited Timothy hay and a very small amount of pellets can lead to a long healthy life. Rabbits also need to be spayed and neutered. This is not only for population control but helps with aggressive behavior in both males and females. Also, a female rabbit has a 50% chance of getting uterine cancer if not spayed. Make an appointment to spay and neuter your bunny after 4 months of age. In nature a bunny is usually the prey for most other animals so their defense mechanism is to hide any illness or injury. Make an appointment with Dr. Glasser or Dr. Casale as soon as you see any changes in behavior, eating, bowels or urinary habits. A yearly wellness exam is recommended. Good resources for rabbit medicine and husbandry are www.rabbit.org and www.veterinarypartner.com and search "rabbit".