VCA Rose Hill Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thank you....

-P. D. from Kirkland, WA

My beloved pets and I have been going to VCA for years and have always gotten the best care and attention possible. I will say charges are a bit pricey but the care, compassion, knowledge that they have given to my dear pets and to me as well goes beyond the cost. I am especially fond and impressed with Dr. Amanda Sorenson. She is truly kind, considerate, understanding, knowledgeable and giving of herself to do all she can... this means the world to me, especially during this time in my life. The crew and techs have always been helpful and so willing to do all they can to assist whenever, wherever possible.

Great Place for Pets

-Patrick from Kirkland, WA
Pet Name: Venus

I recently spent some time looking into other animal hospitals closer to home and so I compared them to the Rose Hill VCA animal hospital that I have been going to for many years.

This included other VCA locations and none of them had the smell of cleanliness that Rose Hill maintains. I figure I am spending my precious money on my animal friend and I want her, my cat, to have the best experience possible (since she hates car rides, at least the destination should be enjoyable).

In addition, the staff is always friendly and my appointments are always kept on time. They know how to take the reservation, and keep it.

I feel you get what you pay for in life and I'd rather pay for the best service and experienced staff, than to risk my cat's health elsewhere. I found my cat as a kitten, in the snow storm of 2008 when she was six month's old and in need of some love and healthcare. Now, with the help of the Rose Hill VCA staff she is a healthy, vibrant cat.

I recommend the Rose Hill VCA Animal Hospital to anyone dedicated to clean, professional and compassionate animal care. My friend has 2 cats and a dog and introduced me to the Rose Hill VCA Animal Hospital and I've been a loyal customer ever since.

Keep up the great work folks and thanks for all you do.

Pet Image

Thank you

-Erin L. from Kirkland, WA
Pet Name: Gunner

I wanted to express my thank you to you and all your staff. I have been a client I believe for 10 yrs now and my dogs Ally, Riley (past) and Gunner have visited quite regularly. Some people may just have pets or like me have kids, as I don't have any. I cannot express how awesome everyone there has been especially Karen, Tanya, Dr. Freiberg and Dr. Sorensen. Its always tough when you don't know the outcome of the situation your animal is having (not to mention the financial strain) and to make an easy or very difficult decision. I've been in every situation I think. One thing I do know is that my animals are loved and taken care of very well when I bring them to Rose Hill Animal Hospital. I hope to have a very long relationship with your clinic as I will always be a pet owner :) And I want to thank all of you so much for your compassion and great work!!

A very happy long term client,

Erin L.

Love the staff

-Jeremy from Seattle, WA
Pet Name: Eli

I just wanted to say I love going to Rose Hill. The staff are so caring and my dogs always enjoy going in for a visit. I've seen all of the vets and I am happy to have a place to take my "kids" that actually cares about them!

Thank you everyone.

A Happy Cat

-Nancy from Kirkland, WA
Pet Name: Cleo

Cleo and I are very happy with the care she has been receiving at VCA Rose Hill Animal Hospital. She was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid condition and I have been working with her doctor to determine correct dose of medication. Dr. Kallenborn calls me with test results, listens to my concerns, and takes time to explain treatment options. Cleo is feeling better, now, and I am confident that if she has future health problems, she will get good care at VCA Rose Hill Animal Hospital.

Excellent care

-Laura from Kenmore , WA
Pet Name: Medley

I want to thank the entire team for the excellent care they have given our lab, Medley. We have been bringing Medley to Rose Hill for 11 years. We have gone through basic check-ups, ACL surgeries, mass removals, etc. etc. The care and service Medley has received is top notch. The Dr's and staff take the time to call us, discuss our cases, follow up and most importantly provide the care and love we want for Medley. We would highly recommend the services of Dr. Luddy, Dr. Freiberg, and Dr. Kallenborn to any pet owner. The office and technician teams at Rose Hill are #1.