Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Bob *

    I have lived at VCA Rock Creek since I was a kitten, the staff took me in when I needed a home and medical attention..I wasn't as handsome as I am today, but they still cared for me and loved me, I quickly felt at home here.  VCA Rock Creek is my home and everyone here is my family, I love them all..

    Please come by and see me I'm usually at the front desk, making sure everything runs smoothly and hopefully someone drops me a treat.

  • Receptionist

    Dana Armellini

    I adore my pets and would do anything for them.  They are my family.  That is the one reason why I enjoy working at a hospital that has the same passion and belief.  I feel we are all family at VCA Rock Creek, we treat our clients and their loved ones as an extention of our own family.  I enjoy seeing all of the wonderful pets we come accross everyday, it is an amazing feeling being able to partake in their lives.

  • Receptionist

    Michele Lopes

    I have been with the VCA family for over 5 years now.  I walk into work everyday with the hope that I can make a difference in any small way in a pets life.  What I do at VCA gives me a sense of purpose and value.