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By VCA Rock Creek
Published: May 07, 2012

We believe your pet should be microchipped to ensure the best chance of your pet being reunited with you should your pet become lost.

Only 14% of dogs and 4% of cats who end up in shelters are returned to their rightful owners due to no identification and no way to find their owners. A HomeAgain microchip provides permanent identification so your can be reunited with you and not become one of the unfortunate lost and homeless pets.

How it Works: For a $49.00 fee a microchip with a unique identification code is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades of your pet and your pet is enrolled in the HomeAgain Recovery Service. HomeAgain maintains a national database and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your pet were to become lost and brought to us, an animal shelter or another veterinary clinic it would be scanned, HomeAgain would be called and you would be notified immediately. Once enrolled, your pet is enrolled for life with no additional charge to you. But with the $49.00 fee your pet is also enrolled in a 1 year HomeAgain program that can be continued after the 1 year. HomeAgain will contact you with subscription information and fees. Call us for an appointment 503-645-4458.