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I don't know how to thank you.

-Bob Daly from Marstons Mills, MA
Pet Name: Eddie

I brought our cat, Eddie, to see Dr. Brad Moses after all options for his life appeared lost. Eddie was given 2 months maximum, to live.

On that first visit, Dr. Moses knew what had to be done right away. It is because of him, as well as Dr. Patterson's surgical expertise, that Eddie lived TWO more wonderful years, during which he was as happy as a kitten.

Even though I live an hour and a half from Roberts Animal Hospital, each trip is worth every mile. I am also in awe of the kindness and expert treatment our pets have received from every single member of the staff. From doctors to assistants, to those at the front desk, you are to be honored for your compassionate care.

Where would we be without you?

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Josie had TEN more happy years because of RAH

-Saralee Perel from Marstons Mills, MA
Pet Name: Josie

Even though I just wrote a testimonial for our cat, Persy, I feel it's vital to include our other cat, Josie, because her story is unbelievable. A few months ago, when I called a vet at Tufts about another matter and I mentioned Josie, he said, "That cat's still alive!?"

At age 8, nobody could find a diagnosis for her symptoms. She was deteriorating so fast. She had maybe a few weeks to live at the most. I took the ball in my own hands and brought her to see Dr. Brad Moses. Frankly, our own local vet, when I asked him, "Who should we see for a second opinion?" is the one who said, "Brad Moses at RAH."

Thank God our vet did that. Dr. Moses was quickly able to find out Josie's dire diagnosis right away. The first time I spoke to Dr. Moses was on the phone. I'll never forget his words, "I'm so sorry tell you it's the worst case scenario." In spite of those words he had a treatment plan! And you know what? It worked!

Josie spent TEN more grand years with us, during which time her complete care was with Dr. Moses. You would never have known she was sick.

I am so thankful that she was given her life back - and all because of one man. Dr. Moses would never take the credit. Yes, his staff were also by our sides all the way with amazing abilities, both emotional and professional. But had it not been for Brad Moses, we would never have had Josie, whose time was not up until Aug. 7, 2011, which reads a heck of a lot better than August 2001!


-John Heidi Badot from Halifax, MA
Pet Name: Bubba

On 1/24/11 I brought our beautiful 6 month old chocolate lab into Roberts Hosp lifeless and a heart rate ever increasing up to 300+ beats per minute. The staff that night was so caring and diagnosed him for treatment. Bubba was diagnosed with SVT. His treatment was medication that was ever changing do to his growth and the disease, therefore we were at the vet more often than we anticipated. His prognosis was grave and sadden the family each time he would have an episode. Each time we arrived at Roberts, which was at least once a week it was worse. The knowledge,love and kindness of Dr. Moses and his staff was amazing.Dr. Moses researched & found a fellow DVM Cardiologist K.Wright in Ohio that performed Cardiac Ablations on dogs (this is not done in Mass.anywhere which was unbelievable to us)We traveled to Ohio on April 21 to MedVet, Dr. Wright. Bubba was the 52nd dog, having a Cardiac Ablation, Perfect!!!If it wasn't for Dr. Moses his knowledge and his amazing staff we would have never got to that point. It has been 9 months, Bubba is a 85 pound healthy chocolate lab, truly 100%. I will always be grateful to Roberts Animal Hospital and their staff for one of the best dogs we've ever had. I would highly recommend Roberts Animal Hospital to anyone. Thank you all again & again, John Heidi Jonathan & Jeremy


-Kathy from Scituate, MA

We had to put our wonderful dog down on February 5th 2012. I want to thank the doctors and staff at Roberts Animal Hospital for the kind, compassionate and understanding service they gave us. Making the decision to put our Sammy down was the hardest thing I ever had to do. From the moment that I arrived at the hospital each person that I came in contact with knew the pain that I was feeling and showed their sympathy. That meant so much to me. We brought her ashes home and I am comforted to know that she is here with us now. Thank you for the clay paw print, I will cherish it. I want you to know how important you are to the people that are mourning the loss of their pet and what a difference you make.
Thank you once again.

Compassionate and Caring

-Kim from Cohasset, MA
Pet Name: Misty

My 11 year old Newfoundland had stopped eating on a friday and by saturday she could not get up, I brought her to my regular vet (not RAH) and they prescribed some drugs hoping that would help. She was in tremendous pain Saturday night and by Sunday morning we had made the decision to put her to sleep. We couldn't reach our regular vet so I called RAH because they were nearby and open (I had not had any previous experience there). I can't express the gratitude I have for the staff on duty. They made us feel so welcome and they were so understanding of our circumstances. Everyone was so nice and caring. They were so good to me, my husband and my 2 sons. They gave me an envelope and scissors to cut some fur to bring home. Then a couple of weeks later when we received the ceramic paw prints (two of them, one for each of my sons) I was blown away by the thoughtfulness. We weren't even a regular client and they went above and beyond. They made such a horrible day for all of us a little easier by their incredible kindness. Thank you.

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Thank you for the care you gave to Sophie

-Patti from Duxbury, MA
Pet Name: Sophia French

Sophie was a beautiful small pekinese that we adopted through contacts at Roberts following her 1st back surgery when she was one year old. She was paralyzed before the surgery and following it she regained total mobility or as much mobility as a Peke has. Dr. Patterson took care of her for the next 10 years with a few more acute episodes of paralysis which were corrected with medication and a doggie brace. During her last year and half she was experiencing increased pain in her lower back and legs and I cannot say enough for the compassionate and humane care given to Sophia from Dr. Patterson and the entire staff. I am an Oncology Nurse Practioner and the hospice care given to Sophie and her human family was wonderful and perfect. She was never in pain and Dr. Paterson helped us make the decision of the correct time when we could no longer treat her back issues without her having pain. Dr. Patterson showed his humanity at the end as he cried along with all of us when her life ended. It was so peaceful. She is now buried in our flower garden and when I think of her I also think of the 10 years of excellent care she received at Roberts.

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Simply the Best

-Mary Ann from Brockton, MA
Pet Name: Boca and Marlow

As the owner of 2 pugs I have been associated with RAH since 2005, and my experiences have ALWAYS been positive. From wellness care to urgent care and surgeries, the RAH staff is abundant with kindness and caring. Their professionalism inspires confidence that my fur babies will receive the BEST quality care.
Thank you to the entire RAH staff.

Thank You

-Ellen from Hanover, MA

I have brought my pets to Roberts Animal Hospital for many years, working with several of the doctors for routine care and some serious conditions. All of the doctors and staff have been helpful and compassionate under sometimes difficult circumstances.

Most recently, I want to thank Dr. Mary Clark for her excellent care of my cats through a number of ailments. She has patiently researched solutions to digestive problems, skin and food allergies and a thyroid condition to determine alternative food choices and easy to administer topical medications. Dr. Clark has communicated through email to answer questions and avoided unnecessary and traumatic visits to the hospital for my cats, always demonstrating her care and concern for both my pets and personal choices for treatment.

Thank you Dr. Clark for your valuable assistance and loving care of my cats.


-Laura Needel from Plymouth, MA
Pet Name: ANNIE


With Heartfelt Gratitude

-Joan and Pat from Marshfield, MA
Pet Name: Minnie

Dear Dr. Callahan and Staff,

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we are writing to thank you all for your loving care of our dear Minnie during the week we were out of town and for your caring assistance and support in her final hours. The excellent medical care you gave Minnie through the several years she was ill, certainly helped to extend her life with us and with Frankie and Libby. We called on you many times for medical advice and emotional support and you always gave it with a good dose of compassion, both for Minnie and for us. While we did not feel comfortable about having to leave Minnie alone while we were away on a business/vacation trip this month, we knew you would give her lots of love and attention. In fact, Roberts Hospital staff helped Minnie feel as though she was “at home” among you all.

We want to especially thank you for everything, big and small, that you did to help Minnie come through that week in a very friendly setting. We know that each one of you gave of yourself to make that possible. Dr. Page, thank you for staying with Minnie overnight. Dr. Moses, thank you for your expertise in diagnosing her serious heart condition. Dr. Patterson, thank you for calling us in Atlanta to keep us posted of Minnie’s episodes. Marco, we know you gave Minnie extra attention and allowed her to stay with you at times, rather than having to be in her kennel. You made it easy for her, as an “old girl,” to make a new friend. To every staff member who supported Minnie and us, thank you for your sincere efforts to make Minnie comfortable and to support us at this difficult time.

Dr. Callahan, through your gifts as a doctor and as an authentic person, you offer a genuine and unique healing relationship with your patients and their families. You have sustained us through the loss of Kingston and now through the loss of Minnie and we are truly grateful to you.

Most Sincerely,
Joan K. Kannegieser
Patricia P. Shopland