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Awesome Service

-Susan from Rockland, MA
Pet Name: Molly

I have been very pleased with the service at Roberts Animal Hospital. I have a cat and they have been very good with her. I had a dog also, that has passed, and I went through alot with them and his issues. They were very supportive.

A Letter of Appreciation

-Maria from Norwell, MA
Pet Name: Tobler

Dear Staff at Roberts Animal Hospital,
This is a letter of appreciation for all of the fine work that you do. Recently, our little dachsund, Tobler, had her dental surgery at your facility. She was a complicated case with a history of renal issues, past Lyme, horrible reactions to sedation and anesthesia, and a mouth that could have starred in "Little Shop of Horrors"!
I want to personally thank Nancy. Your sincere kindness at the front desk is so soothing. You have no idea how important your work and the attitude you bring to it is. I felt your concern for my worry.

Amy, Dr. Martinez's tech, you are so clinically astute, without diluting any of the kindness in how you deal with the various "parents" of pets. Whenever I saw you walk toward us, I felt immediately relaxed. You inspire such trust.

Dr. Cosman, you were the first doctor that "cracked the code" of possible acceptable sedation for Tobler, the Propofol. You spent so much time with us during our visit awhile back; carefully examining her under sedation to determine what was wrong with her. You probed her mouth, manually removed a tiny tooth nub, presented me with it (in a little envelope for Tobler's tooth fairy!). This episode still puts a smile on my face. You are such a good, good man, never mind being a wonderful doctor. To me, you have the energy of James Herriot. You bring a sense of love of your work. I hope you write. If not, I wish you would consider trying.

And finally Dr. Martinez, what can I say but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You examined Tobler's past records, pulled together a team that knew her well, oversaw her procedure, called me immediately upon its successful completion. You listened. You explained. I was so scared, but I trusted you and you more than delivered. Thank you. Thank you!

And finally, a note on her recovery; it has been amazing! The next day after her extractions, she had a silly look on her face, figuring out the sutures...but, she ate with gusto and appeared to be in NO pain. The sparkle that had not been in her eyes for awhile (I think she has been in low grade dental pain for some time) had returned! She was playful, filled with energy and zip! Two days after the surgery she enjoyed a 3 mile walk!
We had hoped for an acceptable recovery for Tobler. I had feared the worst. What we got back was a dog that we hadn't seen for awhile, a pre-Lyme dog, filled with vitality and her joy of living. I'm not afraid to have her teeth done again should she need that at some time in the future. I can finally relax.

Thank you!!

Angels in Disguise

-Diane from Rockland, MA
Pet Name: Angel Marie

I have been bringing my furry children to Roberts for well over 35 years. I feel secure with the services my Vet, Dr. Mary Callahan, gives to my kitties. She has such a gentle way about her when she handles my kitties. She has amazing compassion for all the animals and their parents. Everyone at Roberts is amazing. I know my kitties are getting the best care possible.

To the Staff at Roberts Animal Hospital

-Helen from Quincy, MA
Pet Name: Gabriello and Cinderella

I just wanted to thank all the doctors and staff that were involved with Gabriello's recent visits and stays for his salivary gland problem. As you all know he is a very special boy, and I know he appreciates everyone's love and attention that he gets when he comes down. I was very impressed with how well he has done after all the procedures, and how well he has tolerated all the surgeries and painful recuperation, and is still, as Marco says, a "Lover Boy"! (And thanks for the bath!)

I am pleased to say that he is finally back to normal, eating everything in sight and playing with his pal Cinderella. It is so great and a big relief to see him skating across the floor once more greeting Auntie Mary Clark and Auntie Jody at the door...once he sees there are no needles! And generally, being his old spoiled self.

I also have to say how much I appreciate being a client of Roberts Animal Hospital. All the times I call, or have to come down to Urgent Care, from the front desk to behind the scenes it means a lot to me; so many of you stop by to say "Hi" or give a hug...it is awesome and I feel like a family member. Yea, I know I am spoiled! I think Roberts has always had a good reputation for being a friendly place to visit, and I am glad it is continuing-it is great to see the same people all working together.

I have to mention little Cinderella, whoever shaved her when she was spayed, that is the most adorable look! She prances around full of herself-I love the whole leg effect! One has to smile a lot watching her, and she will be back for more, I am sure. She is a funny girl and Gabbie's best friend.

Helen and the "Smart Gang"

Splendid care in emergencies

-meg herbert from Hingham, MA
Pet Name: Buddy

We had been taking our beloved Sheltie Buddy to a different vet for all of his care but he had two crises which required immediate attention (and his other vet did not provide this). We brought Buddy to Roberts where he received skilled, compassionate, state of the art care. All of the staff, from the front desk to the vet techs to the vets exhibited a high level of professionalism all the while never losing the ability to make us feel like Buddy was the most important patient they had. We've waved our old vet goodbye and Roberts is now Buddy's choice for all his health care needs (OK so maybe he's not so crazy about it when Dr. Howe checks his ears).


-Tom and Jean Fisher from Hull, MA

We want to send a huge thank you to
Dr Maria Terany, Dr Pamela Martin and the staff at Roberts. Over the years our cat Molly had some serious medical issues. But thanks to the excellent care she received at Roberts she went on to truly enjoy 9 lives for 22 years.

She will be missed but the care she received will always be appreciated.

Tom and Jean

To the Doctors, Technicians, and Staff of Roberts

-Joyce Friedman from Scituate, MA
Pet Name: Zuni

I so appreciated your cards and kind words about Zuni. He was, indeed, a great dog, if I say so myself! To me he was the perfect combination of intelligence, goofiness, cunning, sweetness, playfulness, and nobility. And he was darn cute as well. A handsome, handsome boy.

I had the joy of his company for almost nine years and, quite frankly, had it not been for all of you I would not have had him as long as I did. Your care and concern through the years, your love and attention, support and patience, pulled both Zuni and me through some rough times. I will be forever grateful for all you did for my boy. And a special thanks to Zuni's "primary care physicians"-Dr. Callahan, Dr. Moses, and Dr. Martinez-you have all been so thoughtful and kind.

I am enclosing a copy of a cartoon that a good friend of mine sent me shortly after I got Zuni. I guess all of our dogs are "THE best dogs EVER"-I know Zuni certainly was! And I know, in time, I will have another furry buddy who will also be "the best dog ever."

Thank you all again for everything-neither Zuni nor I could have made it without your very special care.

Thank you

-Suzi Toth from Duxbury, MA

Dear Jackie and Becky,

Thank you and your staff so much for the fabulous fundraiser movie raffle you sponsored to benefit Pookie's Pals. How generous your clients were to help Pookie's Pals. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by me and all of the people I work with on each project to rescue feral cats.

VCA Roberts Animal Hospital and Pookie's Pals have successfully collaborated for 15 years as of this month. You have provided the very best in medical care and have been flexible and professional time after time. Together we have helped over a thousand cats and kittens.

Your recognition of the bond between our two organizations to provide the local community with resources to control the overpopulation of cats, ferals in particular, has resulted in the chance for a quality of life for so many deserving felines.

I wish you continued success with your future fundraising efforts as so many of the organizations on the South Shore are part of a network offering solutions to the public for compassionate efforts. In these hard economic times, the $172.00 you raised allows Pookie's Pals to help at least one more feral cat that might otherwise be left behind.

Thank you all at VCA Roberts Animal Hospital for your thoughtful gift.

With great affection,
Suzi Rines-Toth

Pet Image

Thank you so much

-Laura Needel from Plymouth, MA
Pet Name: Annie

Our journey with the staff began a few years ago. We had a Boxer, Jake, who was an integral part of our lives. The journey through his treatment and his passing was made peaceful due to you all. Then our second Boxer Annie was having so many problems. But, thanks to Dr. Moses, Dr. Clark and Dr. Patterson we made a surgical decision to help her. Best of our lives! Thank you to all. The technicians are also such an important part of all our visits there. We are forever grateful !!!!

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You will never find better care than at RAH

-Saralee Perel from Marstons Mills, MA
Pet Name: Persy

I believe that this is the first time in my writing career, that I am at a loss for words. How do I thank someone for giving our cat, Persy, life? I will never meet a man whom I care for and respect more than Dr. Brad Moses. (Ooops. I should have put my husband too :)

But it's not just Dr. Moses. We've had the honor of Dr. Patterson, who teamed with Dr. Moses, for more than one diagnostic surgery (for several of our pets). And Dr. Patterson, (over many excellent vets we had already seen, but were at a loss re: what was wrong) nailed our pets' diagnoses instantly.

But . . . it's not just Dr. Moses and Dr. Patterson. The front staff, the technical staff, oh everyone! is so warm and welcoming.

From the minute I make a phone call and all the way through care, our pets are treated by everyone as if they were their own.

No words can fully express my gratitude. This testimonial is about 1/10th of what I feel in my heart.