VCA Riverside Veterinary Hospital Testimonials

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The care you receive at RVH

-Brenda Coughlin from Candia, NH
Pet Name: Lucky

I have been a client of RVH since 1987 when the clinic was inside a ranch styled converted home. The friendliness, compassion, caring values found then, continue today. Though I have seen staff turnover, there is one steadfast, exceptional Provider, Dr Brad Taylor. I travel 38 miles for the assurance that my animals are receiving the highest quality medical care available. Beyond his compassion, gift of knowledge and valuable experience, Dr Taylor spends the time discussing options, thoroughly educating and listens to his clients. He has shared many difficult losses but also rewarding successes with me over the years. He's all about quality of life, I highly recommend this practice and especially Dr Taylor!


-Stella and Mike Lareau from Boscawen, NH
Pet Name: Cosmo, Casey, Odie, Maggie and Bear

VCA Riverside is the best veterinary care in New Hampshire! I have referred anyone that is looking for a Vet to Riverside. They have always made our dogs (all 5) comfortable, they have never forced any type of procedure or medication on us, they give us choices. Cosmo, Casey, Odie, Maggie and Bear are healthy and happy because of the wonderful care they receive from the VCA Riverside Staff!!!


-Roger Amadon from Boscawen, NH
Pet Name: Max

My fiancée and I are residents of Boscawen, NH and recently, we had the misfortune of our beloved cat and pet of several years “Max”, becoming ill. Efforts to correct his issues did not work, and as his condition worsened, it became evident that a decision had to be made to allow him to continue suffering or would it be more humane to have him put to rest. This was a very difficult and emotional decision that brought us to the VCA Riverside Veterinary Hospital to ask for assistance, help and guidance. After calling for an appointment, we were told to come in only a few hours later and upon arrival were greeted by a very friendly receptionist who quickly ushered us into a small room. Shortly after, we were joined by Support Technician, Lori Tewhey who briefly checked Max out and asked us pertinent questions relative to his health and condition. Doctor Yvonne Lemieux then entered the room and did a more formal exam of Max, informed us what she saw and expected, then offered various avenues we might pursue �" all of which involved uncertainty, and none of which would be a guarantee of complete recovery. Prior to taking Max to the Hospital, my fiancée and I had talked at length, considered his age, what, if any treatment would be fair or unfair, and also discussed what we may have to do, to include having him put to sleep. It was in that room that the decision to put our beloved pet to rest was made. This procedure was completely explained to us and done with care, sensitivity and compassion. I cannot thank Dr. Yvonne Lemieux enough for her professionalism and sensitivity, who together with Support Technician Lori Tewhey and their caring, comforting manner and compassion, helped us through a very difficult, unpleasant and emotional experience. I felt it was important to acknowledge what fine staff they have at the VCA Riverside Hospital and they might feel that they are “just doing their job”, but I know we will never forget them and what they did for us.