Our Boscawen Animal Hospital

Riverside Veterinary Hospital wants you to know your pet will receive the finest care and service available. We are a full service veterinary hospital and offer the following services:

General medicine & surgery
Soft tissue surgery
Orthopedic surgery
Dermatology assesment
Consultations for Arthritis and other orthopedic diseases
Ovariohysterectomy & castration (spays & neuters)
Tumor & growth removal and biopsy
Obesity management
Dental prophylaxes (cleanings) for cats & dogs of all ages
Digital dental radiography
Extractions and oral surgery
Training & education for at-home dental care
Preventative and wellness care
Progressive vaccine protocols to minimize unwanted side effects in accordance with your pet�s age, needs and lifestyle
Parasite detection, treatment, and prevention
Senior pet care
Health monitoring and bloodwork
Nutritional counseling
Arthritis pain management
Dental health care
Diagnostic ultrasound
Cancer diagnosis, counseling, and treatment
Complete patient monitoring
In-house diagnostic laboratory
On-site diagnostic x-ray system
Microchip identification
Pet selection counseling
Behavior counseling