Boarding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to bring in my pets medicine?
Yes, if your pet currently takes medications, prescription or over the counter, we ask that you bring it. If you should forget to bring them, we can provide it and simply add the fee to the boarding bill.

2. Can I bring in my animals favorite toy?

Sure! We encourage people to bring in a favorite item or comfort toy that will comfort their pet while staying with us. All toys however, must be labeled. We have a permanent marker at the front desk should you need to label something.

3. Can I bring in his bed too?
We try to discourage people from bringing in a pet bed as we have plenty of soft, warm bedding that fit nicely into the kennels.

4. How about special treats or food?
We have chosen foods to use in our facility that are both tasty and easy on the digestive system. We offer Iams Low Residue food for all the dogs and Purina Adult maintenance for the cats. Some pets, however, can develop mild cases of diarrhea when their diet is changed abruptly. While this is normal, it can make your pets first few days here uncomfortable. If your pet is on a special diet or has had issues with diarrhea before, we ask that you bring food from home. We love giving special treats to the dogs and cats. If there is something your pet gets, feel free to bring it in and we’ll be happy to give it to them.

5. How much outside time will my animal get?
For dogs, there is the option of playing with other dogs in our fenced, supervised Daycare yards. To be allowed to go into those yards, all dogs over six months of age must be spayed/neutered and have had a negative fecal exam within the last three months. Even if they don't socialize with other dogs, your pooch can be outside in one of the small yards alone or one of our outside runs.    Cats don’t get to go outside, but when the hospital is not doing appointments some cats can roam in an appointment room for some stretching and playing. And of course, cats and dogs alike, receive plenty of TLC while staying with us!

6. Can my pet get a bath or grooming (bath and brush) while she’s there, and what is the difference?
Yes, the cost for a bath is $15 to $30. This is pricing for animals with short to medium length hair coats. Longer haired animals need to be groomed. Their hair may mat and can cause medical problems if not handled properly. Grooming is a full service feature which would involve trimming or cutting of the hair, brushing, bathing, nails, glands, ears, etc. Please feel free to call and get pricing for your specific pet. We like to bathe or groom the animals on the day that they go home so they are nice and clean for you, however, our groomer is not available on Sundays so grooming would be completed on the last grooming day of that week. If you request either of these options please plan on picking them up after 12:00pm so they have time to dry before going home. Grooming includes a nail trim at no additional charge.

7. What if he gets hurt or sick while there?
We will take great care of your pet while here; however just like on a playground, bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes sometimes do happen. If something minor does develop, we will treat with our very best care. If it is something more serious, we will make every effort to contact you. If we are unable to reach you, we will treat your animal appropriately based on our hospital policies and protocols.

8. What about fleas?
No Fleas allowed at RVH, nor Ticks or Ear Mites. If your pet shows evidence of any of these nasty crawlies, we will treat them during their stay. There will be additional fees for these treatments.