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Amos and Annie

-Patricia Davis from Redmond, WA

Dear VCA Redwood Family. Annie and I are well and with each other now. We want to thank you for taking such good care of us over the past 15 1/2 years and especially in the last 6 months. Thank you for taking such loving care of our Mom, Patricia. We were worried about leaving her but it was time and we knew she had all of you to comfort her. I think you will be seeing her soon. We are helping her search for another Pet. We have our ways. Amos & Annie

Bella to New Zealand

-Mo and Duke from Kirkland,, WA
Pet Name: Bella

My husband and I have a home in New Zealand and reluctantly, had not taken our dog Bella due to the 30 day quarantine period. When we learned the quarantine period was reduced to 10 days in May of 2011, we jumped on the opportunity to have her with us as we were planning on staying for 6 months. The policies and procedures for importing animals into New Zealand is extremely stringent and, after looking at the thick document detailing the requirements, I called VCA Redwood Animal Hospital and Jika Martinez became our saving grace. She thoroughly researched all of the paperwork and worked diligently with us, IPT in Los Angeles and Pethaven in Auckland to make sure all tests and procedures were done in a timely manner to ensure Bella's safe passage. Trust me, this was no easy or stress free feat! Jika and all of the vets at Redwood were so professional, helpful, friendly and accomodating throughout the process. We're very thankful to them all for their help. I would recommend VCA Redwood to anyone who was looking into International travel for their pet. We only have a relatively short time with our furry pals and it's great to have Bella with us here. She is thoroughly enjoying the southern hemisphere. Thank you VCA Redwood and Jika for making it happen!!!!

Move to Australia

-Rebecca from Bremerton, WA
Pet Name: Phil

My Boy Phil, a short-hair pointer mix, had gotten into an accident and our move to Australia was subsequently delayed. Jika was incredible and got us back on track. She not only made sure that Phil was up to date on all of his shots but found out some new requirements for his arrival of which I was unaware. Jika also got the State Vet, who had to sign off on all the information, to call ME! I didn't have to chase him down which had been the case when I was in Ohio. Jika really cared about getting all the information correct and genuinely cared about our safe arrival here. What a great hospital and Jika rocks!

Thank you, Dr. Karen West

-Beth Marsh from Kirkland, WA
Pet Name: Levi

A couple of years ago, I was at my witt's end with my German Shepherd and his behaviors. He had bit my husband and was wild and out of control. I had tried everything and everyone was encouraging me to have him put to sleep. Dr. West was my last hope for my baby. One behavioral consult, prozac and a new training program later, I have a happy dog and family! Levi slept for the first time at age 4 1/2. He is now so happy and loving. While he will never be perfect with all his issues, he is happy and we fall more in love with him every day. Thank you, Dr. West, for saving my little Levi's life!!! Dr. West is also great with my other GSDs and I love how sensitive she is to their emotional needs as well as their physical needs.


-Gemma from Woodinville, WA
Pet Name: Wickett

Thanks Dr.Debroeck for taking time out of your busy schedule to see Wickett.


-Gemma from Woodinville, WA
Pet Name: Wickett

Thank you Dr.Lehocky for taking care of my dog Wickett.


-Gemma from Woodinville, WA
Pet Name: Duppy

THANKS Dr.Lehocky for helping Duppy. Wickett has the best vet. A genius Gemma

Love the entire staff

-Andrew Thompson from Mercer Island, WA

Have worked with animals in a variety of capacities both exotics and domestic over the years and wouldn't take my Collies to anyone else. The entire staff is professional and the best part is each of their vets and I have seen all of them love animals. My collies hated the vets before I came to this clinic. They are kind compassionate and simply love what they do and the animals know it. Highly recommend this clinic. They also don't slap you with a lot of unreasonable tests and practices like I have had experience with in the past. I pass five other clinics to come to them so I think that pretty much says it all. Louie and Luna say thank you!