Green Choices

VCA Redwood Animal Hospital has been striving to help protect the environment through practices and policies that focus on hazardous materials and waste.

Envirostars is an environmental certification program for smaller businesses with a focus on reducing hazardous materials and wastes. VCA Redwood Animal Hospital has been certified as a 4 star business.

We know that consumers prefer environmentally responsible businesses and those that properly manage and reduce hazardous waste.

VCA Redwood Animal Hospital participates in many "take it back" and recycling programs. We also choose cleaning products and disinfectants carefully and reduce the number of products purchased.
  1. We carefully limit the use of solvents, paint thinner, adhesives and stains and purchase only what is needed.
  2. We have switched our x-ray processing systems  to completely digital ones, eliminating the need for  processing, developing and cleaning chemicals.
  3. We have switched to digital thermometers completely eliminating the older mercury style.
  4. Fluorescent light tubes and bulbs are recycled through Ecolights Northwest. Boxes of used tubes and bulbs are filled and mailed back to the company for recycling.
  5. Fluorescent bulbs are used in all lights when appropriate.
  6. Lead Acid Batteries are saved and recycled through Battery Solutions or through Philip Service Corporation CESQG �" Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators.
  7. Used Laboratory Stains and used formalin solution are also recycled through PSC �"CESQG.
  8. Electronic Wastes are disposed of through the Take it Back Network.
  9. The thermostats and hot water tank are programmed to save energy.
  10. Spill kits and a spill plan are in place for chemicals that could be hazardous.
We want a safer healthy environment for our employees, clients and their pets.

We encourage our employees and our clients to look at their own home and environments and make changes and informed choices. We have brochures and information in our lobby to answer questions and help everyone make informed choices.