Can I tour the facilities there in Redmond, WA?
Yes, we are very proud of our Redmond neighborhood animal hospital and look forward to the opportunity to show it to you.
Is your hospital wheelchair accessible?
Yes. When you schedule your appointment, just let us know if there is any way we can assist you.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes. Consultations are by appointment only. However, during our hospital hours of operation, our veterinarians will see your pet in an emergency situation. We recommend calling ahead to our Redmond, WA location to alert us so we can be best prepared to assist you upon arrival.
Why does my pet need a veterinarian consultation to receive its vaccinations?
Vaccinations are only a small part of your pet’s preventive health program. Your veterinarian will guide you in deciding what vaccines are appropriate for your pet’s health status and lifestyle. Immunizing an ill patient can further compromise their health and actually make them worse.
Why does my pet need annual or bi-annual examinations?
Because animals don’t talk and because they age more rapidly than humans, a physical examination and/or blood work can detect underlying or emerging illness before you might recognize clinical signs.Early detection enables early treatment.
When is my pet a senior?
In general, small dogs and cats have longer life expectancies than large dogs. Any animal over 8 years of age is considered senior, but large dogs may be senior at 6 years of age.
What if I’m late for my appointment?
If you can, call us at the animal hospital to let us know you’re running late. When you arrive, our veterinarians will do our best to see your pet as soon as possible. Our staff will inform you of any possible waiting time.
What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Please call to notify us and we will gladly reschedule another veterinary appointment for you at a more convenient time.
May I request a certain veterinarian?
Yes, an established relationship with a veterinarian provides continuity in your pet’s health care and communication with you. Our veterinarians work on a revolving schedule so it is best to have a couple dates in mind when calling for an appointment.
May I change veterinarians?
Yes. We strive to find the perfect 'fit’ for you and your pet.
What if my pet has to stay in the animal hospital?
If your pet is admitted for hospitalization and treatment, you will receive updates from the treatment veterinarian or our care coordinator each morning usually before 10:00 am or if changes occur in their status or treatment.
Is there staff monitoring my pet overnight?
Our hospital is staffed from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. In the event your pet is to stay overnight, the attending veterinarian will help you to decide if it would be best to transfer them to a 24 hour facility for overnight observation.
Can I visit my pet in the animal hospital?
In some cases, visitation with your pet is encouraged. Your veterinarian can help you determine if this might be beneficial for your pet.
When do I pay?
Payment is due when services are rendered.
Will I have to leave a deposit?
Yes. If your pet is admitted to the hospital for more than the day, a deposit of 50% of the estimated fees for hospitalization and treatment will be collected on admission. We strive to keep you updated on your account balance on a daily basis.
Do you have a credit payment plan?
A third party finance company, called Care Credit, offers credit to our clients for veterinary service expenses. Please ask a staff member for an application if this is an option you would choose.
Why would my pet need massage therapy?
Any pet that has musculoskeletal injury or has been inactive for an extended time will benefit from rehabilitative massage.
Why does my pet need blood work to refill its medication?
Some medications have side effects on the body only detectable through blood work. To evaluate that your pet is tolerating these medications, periodic checks are needed.
Why can’t the veterinarian prescribe or advise over the telephone?
Symptoms observed by owners are usually not enough information to diagnose the underlying cause of the illness which is necessary to determine the best treatment plan. So we ask that you bring your pet to our Redmond, WA location to see one of our veterinarians.
It is also illegal and unethical to prescribe medications for an animal that has not been physically examined by a veterinarian.
Does veterinary care cost a lot?
In order to provide the level of veterinary care expected and deserved by our clients, our fees are a reflection of the costs of maintaining our highly trained staff, sophisticated equipment and our facility. For your pet, we endeavor to inform you of all available health care options, and their costs. We then help you understand which choices are most important but the final decision and the extent of care given is determined by you.
Does VCA Redwood Animal Hospital in Redmond, WA offer boarding?
Yes, we do offer full service boarding for our current clients.
What if my pet is not a patient at VCA Redwood Animal Hospital �" may I board them?
If your pet is not a patient at VCA Redwood Animal Hospital, please schedule your Free First Exam with our receptionist. We want to get to know you and your pets so your pet’s stay with us is as comfortable as possible.
What vaccinations are required for my pet to board at VCA Redwood Animal Hospital
The vaccinations required for dogs are:
Canine Influenza
Fecal examination
The vaccinations required for cats are:
Fecal examination
Can VCA Redwood Animal Hospital prepare me and my pet(s) for travel?
Yes, please visit our "Travel Information" link