Rehabilitative Massage

All systems in the body can benefit from massage, from the more obvious muscular and nervous system benefit of relaxing and relieving pain to helping the digestive system function properly and improving skin and hair coat.

In the veterinary hospital, massage can be used before and after surgery of most types, to ease the discomfort of arthritis and disk disease, for emotional stress and during cases of prolonged confinement.

Our small animal massage practitioner, Carol, has been with Redwood since 1989. Carol received her massage training from the Northwest School of Animal Massage and is a member and secretary of the Washington Animal Massage Association. She is currently working toward a certification in small animal acupressure and advanced anatomy and kinesiology.

If you are interested in learning more about animal massage at Redwood Animal Hospital or you would like to set up an appointment for your family pet with Carol please feel free to contact us by Telephone (425) 885-6666 or Email us at :
   [email protected]