VCA Redmond Animal Hospital Customer Testimonials

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All Staff at VCA Redmond

-Gella and Muffin from Redmond, WA
Pet Name: Muffin

Thank you so much for springing into action to help Muffin last Friday. I know that you guys probably had other appointments but you handled our emergency like he was your only client. I cannot thank you enough for all your help - you guys are truly amazing!

Dear Dr. Worland and Staff..

-Kareen from Redmond, WA
Pet Name: Sisqo

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Sisqo during his stay with you. I received the good news that the medication worked. It was so comforting to know that Sisqo was treated with such love and attention. I know he felt like a prince!

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Bella Says THANKS

-Tara from Sammamish, WA
Pet Name: Bella

Thank you so much to both Dr. Worland and Dr. Rogers! I am so appreciative of your services, and so is our kitten Bella!
We saw Dr. Worland for our first visit to the vet & Dr. Worland was so patient, caring, knowledgeable, and took EXCELLENT care of our baby! Dr. Worland provided us with all of the information that we needed & made us feel extremely comfortable, thank you SOOOO much Dr. Worland! She was also extremely sweet & sent a little hand-written note in the mail checking up on Bella's ears (she had to have them cleaned at the vet that day - NOT a happy camper!) & that level of service went above & beyond our expectations! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Dr. Worland!
Unfortunately we weren't able to have Dr. Worland do Bella's spay because she wasn't available the day we scheduled but we had Dr. Rogers and she did a fabulous job! Thank you Dr. Rogers for taking care of little Bella - I could tell from our conversation that you are a very caring and thoughtful veterinarian, thank you for being so great!
The entire staff at Redmond VCA is so friendly and customer-service oriented. You can tell that they love and care for your animals, each & every one! Thank you to all for making the vet such a wonderful experience - you are AMAZING!!!

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Kind hearts put my worried mind at ease.

-Michelle from Redmond, WA
Pet Name: Mugs

When one of my overly-eager Boston terriers decided to bite off more than he could chew one evening (literally) I was extremely worried about the consequences when he became ill. I called Redmond VCA the following morning and they told me to bring him in, without an appointment. They would have a specialist take a look at him as soon as one was available. I was able to leave him in good and watchful hands. The vet called every couple of hours to update me on what they were doing and the cost. She assured me that he was doing well which was very relieving as that is all I could focus on through out the day. There was an ultrasound specialist in the office by chance that day and he/she kindly offered to take a look out of the kindness of his/her heart. My dog turned out just fine and I managed to make it through the workday without turning into a hysterical mess.

All that love...

-Kathryn Colbrese from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Tucker

Dr. Rebecca Rogers, and several of her colleagues who have devoted their energies to the wellness of our pets, is the clinic chief at Redmond Vet Hospital. From our very first visit ten years ago to today's visit, we have consistently experienced a high level of expertise and care from the medical professionals who have shared our lives with compassion, love, and the inevitable laughter that results when we welcome pets into our hearts and our lives. Dr. Rebecca Rogers and her staff have always defaulted to the highest standards of veterinary practice. Thanks, Dr.Rogers, for being a consummate professional in a demanding occupation! And thank you also for loving our pets as you do!

Bumper's Care

-Rena from Redmond, WA
Pet Name: Bumper

Dear Dr. Moskowitz & Staff,

All of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I knew Bumper's time was limited and my heart is broken from his passing but the kindness, attention, and care that was given to both Bumper and I was amazing. Dr. Moskowitz, I appreciate you most of all. You're a superstar in my book.


Big Hearts

-Jackie from Redmond, WA
Pet Name: TJ

That a wonderful team of people you have there. You let me come late Friday night when you were closing. My old cat TJ was dying. I was hysterical the entire time and you treated both my cat and myself with such gracious compassion. I no longer have my TJ but I know now where I will always take my next rescue animal. Thank you all so much for such kindness in a very sad situation.

Incredibly loving care

-Charlotte Neward from Redmond, WA

We've been taking our pets here for over 9 years, and the care and compassion has been phenomenal. We recently had to say goodbye to our dog, Riley, and they held our hands and gave us options for the entire journey from diagnosis, pain management, to staying with him while he took his last breaths. The entire staff has always been wonderful and patient when dealing with our pets and the myriad challenges that they bring, but Dr. Stoegbauer really took exceptional care of both us and Riley during a very difficult time. We highly recommend them.