VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Exceptional hospital, happy pets

-Josh and Andrea from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Lulu

As nervous first-time dog parents, we didn't know what to expect when we brought our 8-week bundle of joy in for her first puppy appointment. Dr. Martin and the rest of the staff at VCA Raleigh Hills immediately put us at ease. They were welcoming and so patient with us as we asked every question on our list. Two years and many appointments and questions later, we are delighted to see time and time again that they care for our dog the way they would a member of their own family. We couldn't ask for anything more.

Exceptional Care for Finch

-Chap and Susie Wasson from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Finch

We had two surgeries for our dog, Finch, by Dr. Gustafson. Dr. Gustafson and the entire staff did an incredible job of making sure that all of our questions and concerns were answered and that the post surgery follow-up procedures were explained in detail.

Dr. Gustafson is a world class surgeon and our dog is recovering better and faster than expected. That only tells part of the story: The care, compassion and love shown to Finch and our family cannot be overstated. The entire staff displayed a dedication to their responsibilities that is rarely, if ever, seen in today's workplace environment. They are superb!!!! Thank you all from the Wassons!

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Sheera and Sophie

-Rachel from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Sheera and Sophie

The VCA Raleigh Hills staff has always been so wonderful. When Sheera, my German Shepherd had some abnormal lab values on a routine check-up, they judiciously helped guide us down appropriate paths to her care. Because of Dr. Martin's attentiveness and excellent clinical judgement, they were able to pick up her cancer, and she, Dr. Gustafson, Dr. Parshley, and the entire staff helped Sheera live a longer, good quality life until she was ready to go in peace.

Dr. Martin, Dr. Yuko, and staff have also been super wonderful with my new dog, Sophie, a German Shorthaired Pointer, helping me understand her needs relative to her age and breed.

I feel forever grateful to the team here!

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Loving And Compassionate Staff

-Javene from Beaverton, OR
Pet Name: Willow

Back in June 1995 I found this beautiful little boy under a house in Carlsbad, NM. He was barely 2 weeks old and he had a horrible infection on his eyes. I bottle fed him and took care of him and raised him. I was the only mother he ever knew. Willow had been through many things with me over the years. He was there before my husband and my 4 year old daughter Isabella. Recently my Willow became very sick and my sister told me about VCA hospitals. I took Willow there on 4/1/2012 and unfortunately, I had to put my little man down. Dr. Martin and her assistant that morning were AMAZING and wonderful to show SO much love and compassion for an animal they had never met. I will not take my other kitties anyplace else.

She's back on track

-Wiley from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Emma

Emma out of the blue became sick and lethargic. She would eat and drink very little. So after 3 days I called and made an appointment. Within a few minutes of my arrival, one of the techs had me in the room, took her vitals, and was out the door getting the vet. A few minutes later, Dr Rebecca Martin came in, a discussion was made, and Emma was taken back for testing. She was really, really, Really sick and it required her to spend the night. It was touch and go and the Dr and staff kept me informed every step of the way. I can only say Dr Martin did an outstanding job with all the suprises Emma was throwing at us. Finally, she was well enough to go home and she is back to normal. My hat is off to everyone for doing an outstanding job.

Dr. Yuko and Sparky

-Gene and Cindy from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Sparky

We want to thank all the staff, but particularly Dr. Yuko, for supporting us and taking care of our beloved companion, Sparky. Sparky became part of Yuko’s life as he battled with ever increasing illness and she committed her time and thoughts to him. From working on her days off, showing up at an off-site ultra-sound, to always answering our e-mails and questions, she was instrumental to allowing us provide the very best care. Along this journey, she provided not only compassion and care to Sparky, but was also our strength and mentor. Cindy and Gene