VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital

Client Services

  • Client Service Manager

    Anneliese Kiefer, CVT
    School: The Evergreen State College, BS

    Anneliese is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has her bachelor's degree in fine art from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on painting, ceramics, installation art and art theory. Anneliese has worked in the veterinary community for the last 6 years as both a technician and client specialist in general practice, oncology and specialty surgery. She enjoys world travel, snowboarding, rock climbing, and living in Portland. She shares her home with her acrobatic cat Fiesta, the vocal boarder collie mix Francis Fancy Pants, and her very fur-tolerant husband.

  • Receptionist

    Lisa Granger
    School: Mt. Hood Community College, currently enrolled

    Lisa joined us in 2013.  The team got to know Lisa and her family as clients, so when a receptionist positioned openned, Lisa was immediately invited to join the team.  Her love of all animals and her calming presence make her ideal for working our urgent care hours.  Lisa is currently pursuing a degree in business administration and this role allows her to use that knowledge to help people and their pets. 

  • Receptionist

    Debi Kent

    Debi has worked at Raleigh Hills since 2002. Her career in veterinary medicine started because of a non-profit Rescue Shelter in California. There she took care of many different animals both healthy and sick. Debi has two cats at home, Payton and Liberace. They were both rescues and Payton was so little he had to be bottle fed. Both cats also think they are dogs trapped in kitten bodies.

    In Debi’s free time she loves roaming the different Saturday Markets; well, at least when the weather is nice.

  • Receptionist

    Serena Pierce

    Serena has been volunteering or working in the animal industry since she was 12 years old. She has always had a passion for animals and was driven to care for them starting with volunteering at the Portland Zoo and a Reptile Zoo in Corvallis. Serena began working at Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital in 2006.

    Serena shares her home with two cats, Miss Kitty who is 9 and Belle who is just 1 yrs old. Miss Kitty was originally named Broadway after the road in North East Portland. This is because when she was little she was almost hit by a car when while running across Broadway straight toward Serena meowing the whole way. Miss Kitty did not have a microchip and her owners could not be located so Serena took her in and the name Miss Kitty just stuck. Belle is the newest addition to the Pierce family and being very young, she loves to jump and bounce off the walls… literally. She also loves to lick your face when you are trying to go to sleep.

    In her spare time, Serena loves to travel to Cannon Beach and go fishing on the Columbia River. She also enjoys hunting with her father for Elk and Deer on Mt. Hood. If you are looking for a good restaurant check out Giovanni’s in Beaverton, it is a family owned Italian restaurant and has the best seafood fettuccini alfredo ever!

  • Receptionist

    Katie Steele

    Katie started in the veterinary field when her cousin convinced her to apply for a job at the veterinary hospital she worked at. That was 15 years ago, and she has been hooked ever since. Katie shares her home with her husband, two children and their dog Lobo. Lobo looks like an Australian shepherd mix and has the brains to prove it. He can often be a little too smart, thus keeping Katie on her toes! The family loves to go hiking through the Columbia Gorge and taking road trips whenever possible.

    Fun Fact: Katie and all of her pets have been named after John Wayne movie characters!


Specialty Care

Sometimes sick or injured pets need the care of a veterinary medical specialist. When that happens, VCA specialty hospitals work closely with the general practitioner veterinarians who refer cases to us in order to provide seamless veterinary care to your pet. When your pet is facing any kind of serious illness or injury, our specialty referral hospitals will provide the compassionate and expert care your beloved pet needs.

Our goal is to make sure that when you and your pet are in need that you have access to board certified specialists who are up to date on the very latest developments in their field. In our state of the art hospitals, our specialists also have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools and techniques from ultrasonography and endoscopy to CAT scans and even MRI.

As part of the VCA family, we have over 83 specialty hospitals across the US and Canada which provide referral specialty care, so there may be one near you. Our specialized services include: behavior, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, reproduction, and surgery.

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Emergency Care

In case of emergency, please call us immediately. If it is after hours, check with a local animal hospital emergency clinic.