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Published: May 09, 2011

Moving is an inevitable part of life for most individuals and it can be frustrating, exciting and stressful. However, people may not want the move to be too stressful on their four-legged companion. A moving company offered some helpful tips for individuals before they relocate with their pet, according to the Sofia Echo.

Before the move, it is important to bring a dog or cat to see a veterinarian for a check-up, and to obtain copies of vaccination reports and other health specifics for their next doctor, the news source reports.

If traveling by air, the pet owner may want to check with the airline what their policies are for pets, and attempt to take a direct flight to avoid extended confinement. An owner should have the pet stay in the kennel for small periods of time weeks before the move, so they are used to the space. If traveling by car, make sure not to feed your furry friend for at least seven hours prior to the trip.

According to the ASPCA, if you are going to be renting, there are some organizations, which include People With Pets and My New Place, that can point individuals in the right direction for finding apartments and condos that allow pets.