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Caring and Confident

-Jolynn Everett from Tamarac, FL
Pet Name: Scarlett Begonias and Stella Blue

We feel very lucky to take our pets to VCA Promenade. The Doctors and Staff are very professional, friendly and caring. They can never do enough to make you feel confident that they are giving out pets the best possible care. We love our beagle, Scarlett Begonias and our kitty Stella Blue so very much and would not take them anywhere else!!!!!

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Caring and Compassionate

-Cynthia and Camron Kyle from Lauderhill, FL
Pet Name: Sammie

The doctors and staff at VCA Promenade have been a great source of comfort and security to my husband and I throughout the years. Becasue of their dedication and skills our first cat "Sylvester" lived to the ripe old age of 20! When the day came let Sylvester cross over, they made a very painful experience much easier with their care and compassion. We have a new boy now, "Sammie" who is the love of our lives.
We feel very fortunate to be part of the VCA Promenade family and we highly and enthusiastically recommend them to any pet owner. You and you pet deserve the best.

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-Maggie MacFarlane from Davie, FL
Pet Name: Lucy

We all know that our animals are not just our 'pets', they are members of our families and to that end, when they are sick or in need, we want to know that they will be cared for with professional expertise, tenderness, and kindness. Perhaps as important, we, as their caregivers, want assurances that we will be educated, allowed to make choices and then supported through the processes. We have had VCA doctors caring for our family for 16 years and would go nowhere else.

From experience, we recently lost 2 members of our family, mini dachshunds, Louise and Cinnamon. Louise ate a baited fish hook and while recovering from surgery fell ill to liver failure due to her 15 yrs of age. Given many choices through the long 6 weeks of surgical recovery, taught patiently by both Dr. Clark, Medical Director and Dr. Gonzalez, associate; we were handheld by the caring staff of VCA Promenade and unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to put Louise to sleep. We were NEVER alone, during her care giving nor ultimately in her death. The staff who had become 'family' stood by our side and cried with us.

Cinnamon, at 16 yrs of age, was discovered to have an abdominal mass. Again Drs. Clark and Gonzalez cared enough to give us the facts, detail the options and personally answered our desperate after hour calls through the ensuing months. They simply encouraged us to love her and care for our elderly one. Cinnamon enjoyed her last days at home because we were once again supported all along the way, through our choices, care giving and decision making.

Lucy, a double dapple mini dachshund at 4 months has now joined our family filling some of the void. We thought of NOWHERE else and no one else we would trust to give us her '10 day post sale' bill of good health. She's on schedule with her checkups and has been detailed nose to tail. We care deeply about keeping our animals/family members healthy and we know that the doctors and staff at VCA Promenade care deeply too, not only for our pets but for us as well.

Thank you.

Maggie, Samantha and Alyssa Macfarlane�and Lucy!

VCA = Veterinarians and staff Care Alot!

Jake's Miracle

-Terri Hill from Sunrise, FL
Pet Name: Jake

Christmas 2008 was not a holiday to remember. The day after Christmas, a week before my Yellow Lab, Jake, was to turn 6, he fell extremely ill. Just a few days before, he was his usual loving and playful self. Before I knew it, Jake was barely responsive and couldn't even walk on his own.

With the help of my boyfriend, Anthony, and my neighbor, Todd; I was able to get Jake over to VCA the day after Christmas just as the staff was unlocking the front door. Without hesitation, they immediately assessed his condition and put him on IV fluids. Dr. Gonzalez was contacted right away and without a second thought, she rushed to the hospital.

After 6 days of 24 hour around the clock care, tons of medications, fluids, and tests, Jake was finally stable enough to come home. During those 6 days, Dr. Gonzalez and her entire staff were absolutely amazing. They took care of Jake like he was one of their own. They were extremely patient with my many phone calls and check-up visits. They even set aside a room for me to come and visit him whenever I wanted to see him, which was a daily thing. Dr. Gonzalez was very thorough in explaining everything to me and always called when they changed his treatment, even if very slightly. Dr. Gonzalez and her staff have always been compassionate, even before Jake got real sick. So I knew he was in good hands and I had full trust and confidence in everyone while Jake was in the hospital. And because of this, Dr. Gonzalez was able to do her job so efficiently; Jake was able to come home on December 31, 2008. Thanks to all the love and dedication, I was able to ring in the New Year with by baby boy and celebrate his 6th birthday. Since Jake has been home, he's made a very successful recovery with the assistance of Dr. Gonzalez and her staff only a phone call away. If it wasn't for Dr. Gonzalez and her amazing staff, Jake wouldn't be sitting here with me today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dr. Clark

-Gretchen Cappiello from Davie, FL

I got so excited when I found Dr. Clark again after about 5 years. Needless to say, I went to see him as I had a tough decision to make about my best friend, my Boxer Rocky. I had a long talk with Dr. Clark about him and he told me I would know when I was ready. He was struck with a debilitating disease - degenerative myelopathy which eventually makes the dog completely paralyzed. The time came and I would only let Dr. Clark perform the euthanasia. He was so gentle and kind. It was a very hard decision, but knowing that Dr. Clark was there made it a little easier. I am so happy I found him again. He is not only a wonderful doctor, but a kind, caring man.

Gretchen Cappiello

Pookie and Gang

-Sandra Figueroa from Lauderhill, FL
Pet Name: Pookie

I came home one day and my Mother was visiting from Ohio. She told me that my Pug's eye was red and that I should look at it. Red?, let me tell you about red, his left eye had come out of the socket. I immediately took him to VCA Animal Hospital and I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark stayed after hours to try and save Pookie's eye. We were not sure if he was hit in the eye while playing tug a war with my other dogs, with a Palm Branch, or he had a tangle with one of his peers. The Doctor was wonderful, and his girls were very caring. Thank You Dr. Clark!!!!! Sandy

Dr Clarke

-Amy from Cooper CIty, FL
Pet Name: Nathan, Lily

There is no better or more caring vet than Dr Gary Clarke. I recommend him to any pet lover. He has seen me through some rough times and some great times. So glad he is not too far away. He also saved the life of my cat, Lily, and to this day we are grateful.

that country doctor feel....

-charley moscaritolo from north lauderdale, FL
Pet Name: taylor, courtney and elizabeth

I have been going to this animal hospital now for about 16 years. The last doctor they had, Dr. Pearl was excellent. I never thought he could be replaced with someone just as great. They did. With Dr. Clarke you get that respect and service you got in the old days and he is extremely knowledgeable. The staff there treats each pet like it was their own.