Karen Burlone, DVM, Medical Director

DVM, North Carolina State University


It was always my dream, even as a young girl, to become a veterinarian. As a child in South Carolina, I would often rescue wildlife such as baby opossums and abandoned squirrels in the back yard. In elementary school I worked with horses, which further increased my passion to work with animals. I had always enjoyed the sciences, but in college I worked for a small animal clinic, which allowed me to utilize my scientific skills while working with the cats and dogs I loved.

My dream became a reality in May, 2002 when I graduated from North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. For more than a decade as a veterinarian in South Florida I have had the privilege of working with countless talented colleagues and loving clients, cultivating relationships that have made preserving the human-animal bond more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.  Through my time working as the primary veterinarian for Friends of Greyhounds I have developed a deeper understanding of the special breed and its unique medical needs.  I have also cultivated that special finesse necessary to reach out to my feline friends.  My professional interests include dentistry and dermatology and I am lucky enough to get to do both every day.