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By Wallace Finney
Published: April 22, 2009

We are pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our wellness program at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital. Between now and June 30, 2009 we are offering a Preventative Care Clinic each Tuesday between 1:00PM and 5:00PM. During Preventative Care Clinic hours only, all required vaccinations are 50% off when administered in conjunction with a comprehensive physical examination.
Vaccinations are a necessary part of your pet’s long-term healthcare plan. But, they are only part of your companion’s total requirements. Your pet needs a detailed physical exam, vaccinations, early detection lab work, year-round parasite prevention and other important procedures each year to stay in peak health.
A veterinary examination is a necessity to verify physical condition. It can also identify and address small problems before they can rapidly become bigger problems. For puppies and kittens, the exam is to make sure they are growing properly and getting the right vaccinations and nutrition, as well as to spot any abnormalities or parasites. For adult pets, to detect health problems before they can become more serious. For senior pets, to prevent or manage the onset of many age-related chronic diseases, such as arthritis, cancer, dental problems, diabetes, and kidney disease or heart trouble.
Your pet’s health is our top priority, along with compassionate service to ensure your complete satisfaction. We want to help you take excellent care of your companion, so look for the Preventative Care Clinic link in our website and schedule an appointment today.