VCA Povar Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thank God for Povar Animal Hospital

-Nehemiha's Mommy from Riverside, RI
Pet Name: Nehemiah

Thank you everyone at Povar for making an impossibly difficult situation bearable. Your kindness, care and understanding have not only affected Nehemiah's well-being, but has kept his mommy from becoming a complete basketcase! I appreciate everything you all have done to help me, especially after my own Vet refused. Believe me when I say that all of Nehemiah's health care will now in the hands of the Povar Animal Hospital. Thank and bless you all!

Midnight's last moments

-Tanya G from Providence, RI
Pet Name: Midnight Star Gilbert

Dear Dr. Sveilich and Staff,

Ed and I wanted to thank you for your compassion and loving service to our family and Midnight. I had never experienced putting a dog down before and didn't quite know what to expect. You made Midnight's last moments beautiful. The way you were all sensitive to one of the hardest things we needed to do: Dr. Povar and others coming to say their goodbyes and to give us their condolences and most of all Midnight's last snack of gourmet coffee cake and Munchkins. In his last moments he looked and acted like the dog we knew and we are forever grateful for the dignity you gave him. Sincerely, The Gilberts

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Past Employee

-Kerri Coulombe from East Providence, RI
Pet Name: Kodi

I was a kennel tech a couple years ago. Since then, I have worked at many other animal hospitals, clinics, doggie day cares and kennels. But this place was the best place that I have ever worked at. I loved the doctors and management there. They love and care for all animals. I miss Povar Animal Hospital and their staff very much. I recommend it to every one I know.

We are Dr. Sveilich's biggest fans

-Ellen from Pawtucket, RI

Our furbaby was suffering from chronic ear infections. The time involved going back and forth plus the cost of exams and medications, was really crazy. That's when we met Dr. Sveilich. She suspected that our dog was allergic to an ingredient in his dog food. I am thrilled to say that since we switched him to a prescription dog food with a novel protein in it, he has not had one ear infection (knocking on wood). It has been over a year and he is happy and healthy. She is so kind and caring, and has a wonderful way with our beloved pet. When the veterinarian we'd brought our pets to for more than 20 years retired, we were devastated. We are so very thankful to have found Dr. Sveilich to care for this pet and our future furbabies. I should also add that the staff at Povar is terrific. From the techs to the front desk, everyone is professional and friendly. We could not ask for a better place to care for our dog.

Eighteen years and still a fan

-Paula from North Providence, RI
Pet Name: Angel, Bella,Chloe, Dolly, Noodles and Stella

When I am asked why I did not take my pets to a local vet, my response is that I only bring them to the best practice where they will get the best care. Over the last 18 years, with 5 cats and a beagle, I have been through various illnesses and treatments and, sorrowfully, 2 recent losses with the support of everyone who is part of the Povar team. They truly love and care about their patients and the owners that live with them.