VCA Plymouth Animal Hospital and Pet Resort Testimonials

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Thank You for Saving Our Dog Chip

-Robert Goodman from Rye Brook, NY
Pet Name: Chip

Dear Plymouth Animal Hospital: I want to thank you from the bottom of my family's heart for your extreme professionalism and care of our beloved Havanese Chip. While visiting my parents in Plymouth, Chip got into a fight with a stray dog and incurred serious injuries. We brought him in on Monday late afternoon and he was operated on that very night. Because we needed to return to NY the following day, the staff did everything that we could have hoped for to stabilize Chip and make him feel comfortable for the 4 hour ride home. Yesterday, Chip's drain was removed by his vet and he is doing much better and getting back to normal. Again, our thanks to all the doctors who treated Chip and to all the staff for their support, good humor, and thoughtful consideration. We are ever sincerely yours, the Goodman family by Robert Goodman

Amazing Care

-Aimee Harrison from Forestdale, MA
Pet Name: Puck

Wow. We had our first visit today with Dr. Thissell and man am I impressed. My four month old puppy, Puck, was taken care of by the Vet Nurse Doug and Dr. Thissell with amazing care. They showed genuine interest in his health and well-being, took the time to explain things to me and set up my next appointment for me. They even took me in early when I showed up an hour early *i was expecting more traffic!* the facilities are impeccably clean and the staff is SO friendly. I had originally planned on switching to a vet closer to home but I will keep Puck here thanks to the care you give your patients.

THANK YOU Plymouth VCA, we love you!

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Love this Place

-Judith from Sandwich, MA
Pet Name: Marley

I brought my puppy Marley here when we first got him because it was a free visit as part of the package. We live on Cape Cod so its a bit of a drive. But after our first visit we are hooked and even though there are plenty of local vets we love this place more..I would recommend this to anyone..thank you for all the wonderful care ..

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Topper at home at VCA Plymouth

-Topper from Duxbury, MA
Pet Name: Topper

Topper loves going to VCA Plymouth, he feels right at home! He couldn't be happier from his favorite day of the week at Doggie Daycare, to gettin to stay at the Resort! I couldn't be happier with the cleanliness of the facility, the outstanding medical care, grooming, the Resort being flexible and on occasion helping with last minute reservations, to as said his favorite day of the week in Daycare! Thanks for all you do and the loving care you give all the animals! The Facebook pictures are the best especially when we're away!

Losing a Pet...

-Cindie from Duxbury, MA
Pet Name: Mackintosh

We have turned to Plymouth Animal Hospital time and again for healthcare for our pets. They recently cured our dog Marcia of Lyme Disease.

But we've also used this hospital when things took a turn for the worst, and it was always the vet who talked to us about quality of life issues in our older pets. So we have peacefully and lovingly euthanized an elderly cat, a greyhound with bone cancer, and most recently, an old Corgi who was coming to the end of his life. The vet wrote us a personal note about losing our Mackie, and we were deeply touched. We highly recommend Plymouth Animal for their kindness in sad times, and useful advice in good times.


-brian hemenway from cedarville, MA
Pet Name: riley

just got home my first visit from the vca plymouth animal hospital and just had to write a review. these people are awesome, what a pleasurable experience! my dog loved them! any anxiety i had going there was gone as soon as i walked in the door. did not demand i do anything to my dog, only nice suggestions for me to make my decisions. everyone there was so nice! i recommend this place to anyone and everyone! very clean and professional. i actually cant wait to go back. thank you !!!!!

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ACL surgery

-Thomas Houldcroft from rockland,ma, MA
Pet Name: Chewbaca

I would like to say thank you to everyone there for taking such great care of my Chow Chow Chewbaca he is recovering from his second ACL surgery 8 months after his first. He is doing great thanks to your Doctors and Staff you people are the best

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Amazing Staff

-Anne Cavanaugh from Plymouth, MA
Pet Name: Micky and Abbey

I have been a client of the Plymouth Animal Hospital for just over 15 years and have always been extremely happy with the care and compassion shown to my animals. I currently have 2 Airedales who like most terriers have a tendency to "get into things" so we are well known to the staff. Recently my 10 yr old Micky became very ill, when he stopped eating I became alarmed and rushed him in. We saw Dr. Sara who completely checked him out & did bloodwork that revealed that my guy was in the throws of liver failure! She sat on the floor with Mick-man and I and with tears in her eyes discussed best and worse case scenarios, while the arrangements were being made to get him up Roberts for an ultra sound. I wish I could remember who the tech was that day (they are all so loving and compassionate) but unfortunately I was rather shell shocked. I do know Michelle Tracey, who is a friend, was on hand for moral support as well expert advice. To make a long story short I rushed Mick up to Roberts where he spent the night well tended to and was able to bring him home the next day. I received several followup phone calls from the desk, Dr Sara & Dr Mimi and all were genuinely happy to hear that my boy was doing well. I just wanted to say thanks to the entire staff not only for the excellent care but for the love that they show to every animal that crosses the threshold. I will continue to highly recommend your services to new pet owners as well as folks new to the area. Thank you!

Loss of Oliver

-Dan and Janet McGillicuddy from Plymouth, MA
Pet Name: Oliver

Our pet and family member of 12 years, Oliver had been dealing with kidney disease. We had been trying to nurse him along and he had seemed to be holding his own. However, on the morning of July 3rd he collapsed and could not stand back up. His regular vet was closed that day, so we called the VCA Plymouth Animal Hospital. Although we were not current clients, they told us to bring him right over.

When we arrived we were immediately attended to by Dr. Alam and staff members. After a brief discussion we made the difficult decision to euthanize our companion. The doctor and staff told us what would happen and gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. We told them what our wishes were for Oliver's remains and they assured us this too would be taken care of. The procedure which we were dreading was over in a short period of time and Oliver was in no pain throughout it. I was able to hold him on my lap and pet him until he was gone.

A few days later a sympathy card from the Dr. arrived at my house and today, I went back to the hospital to claim Oliver's remains. With the ashes was a hand made pottery plaque one of the staff made for us commemorating Oliver's life.

I just can't say enough about how this hospital handled not only our pet's last minutes, but also how they treated us with care and compassion when we needed it most. Thanks for everything.

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Thank you so very much

-Nancy Charves from Medway, MA
Pet Name: Jack

On 10-28-13, I raced into the VCA Plymouth in a panic when the nearby RMV refused to allow my Maltese to remain in his crate in the back of the car during a 5 minute road test. I offered to stay behind with the dog while the road test was being administered, but that was not acceptable either. It seems that my presence was mandatory in the car, but the dog's was forbidden. What was I to do?

With no option but to drive 45 miles back to Medway and re-schedule the test in another two months, I stopped at the VCA and explained my problem. The ladies at reception asked about Jack's medical history, then graciously offered to keep him until I could get back. As they spoke soothingly to my baby, I could see him visibly relax and settle in for a little nap. Clearly, these were his kind of people!

Too often, those in the service industry today forget that their role is to try to be helpful whenever possible. On Monday, these two ladies went out of their way for a complete stranger because it was the right thing to do.

I can only imagine how they treat their regular customers!!

Nancy Charves