Our Hospital

Our hospital's mission is Wellness and Prevention

A long, happy, active life—that's what we all want for our pets. And with proper care and today's revolutionary veterinary advancements, more and more animals are living well into their golden years—and enjoying those years fit and happy.

At Plymouth Animal Hospital, we believe the best way to ensure long-term health is with regular wellness examinations, up-to-date immunizations and diagnostic evaluation, as needed. It's the best way we know to prevent small, manageable, treatable issues from becoming serious illnesses—illnesses that may become much more costly to treat if left undiagnosed.

That's why we like to see our patients when they are at their best—at a regularly scheduled routine examination. They'll receive required immunizations, of course, but they'll also benefit from the extra attention needed to build the foundation for a healthy, happy and active life.

Local Medical Issues

There are numerous local medical issues that can impact your pet's health that require your attention over the entire year. One example, heartworms, which can affect both cats and dogs, are transmitted by mosquitoes. Giving the recommended monthly heartworm medication, called Interceptor, not only prevents heartworms, but also works to prevent other internal parasites.
Because we have fleas and ticks in our area, we recommend monthly applications of Frontline Plus. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease as well as other tick-borne ailments. We recommend, as part of your pet's annual wellness plan, to have a blood test for heartworm, Lyme disease, and two other tick-borne diseases.

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding these and any other issues, problems or concerns you have about your pet's health. Please call us today!