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Published: Apr 14, 2011

Heroic rescuers in Japan have risked high levels of radiation to help save a pack of Shetland sheep dogs, otherwise known as shelties. The animals were found wandering the streets in the abandoned town of Minami Soma, where they once lived with their owner, according to The Associated Press.

Though the dogs' guardian hadn't been able to take the dogs when she left the town, she had supplied them with water and dry food to prevent them from starvation. When the rescue workers arrived at the town, it appeared as though the animals were waiting for their owner to return.

In all, the animal rescue workers saved 20 shelties. They had to lure the animals slowly, using treats and corralling them in groups of six or seven. They were then taken to veterinarian clinics to undergo pet health exams.

Sadly, there are still many animals in the northeast region of Japan who remain homeless since the region was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

The shelties weren't the only canines to benefit from the determination and care of animal rescue workers. According to CNN, there are many individuals who are braving the dangerous radiation levels to bring abandoned animals to safety.