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Published: Dec 05, 2011

In an effort to give pet owners the best possible chance of saving their animals after an emergency situation, the Weymouth VCA Animal Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts, has a fully equipped emergency wing with four operating rooms, a pharmacy and more, The Patriot Ledger reports.

There, a dedicated staff of highly qualified employees work around the clock to help family pets who are taken in for everything from swallowed toys and accidental injuries to chronic illnesses and more serious diseases. Aside from the emergency rooms and pharmacy, the animal hospital is also home to a radiology department, an oncologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, cardiologist and a critical care unit for critically ill animals.

The nationwide company also helps countless rescue leagues across the country find homes for dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. Through the company's Shelter Partnership Program, VCA's around the U.S. offer their medical and expert animal care resources to help new adoptees gain the knowledge they need to keep their new animals in good pet health, while offering services like vaccinations, neutering and spaying.

"The VCA Shelter Program is great for the Animal Humane Association of New Mexico because all adopted pets have a complimentary wellness exam," Anna Todd of the Animal Humane Association of New Mexico said on VCA's website. "The exam helps the client establish a relationship with a vet that will offer optimal lifetime health care for their animal."