Have an Exotic Pet?
Dr. Jamie Mays may be able to help you.  Dr. Mays attended the University Of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine partly because of their strong exotics program and the extra electives they offered in the field. The school was also closely affiliated with the Knoxville Tennessee Zoo.  She also took a short externship with a board certified Exotic Animal Specialist in Northern Virginia.

Our exotic pet friends have special needs and problems that can be very different from those of a cat or a dog.  She can help you answer questions about your exotic pet’s husbandry, health and nutrition.  If we need to collect samples, or run tests an estimate will be provided before hand.

Doctor Mays can do beak, nail, and wing trims on small to medium sized birds.  She will also see reptiles (only non-poisonous ones please) as well as small mammals such as ferrets, rabbits and rodents.  If you need your rabbit spayed or neutered, she can help you with that as well.  Please call ahead for an appointment.