Well Drop Off Service

Now Offering: Weekday Well Pet Drop Off Service

Drop- Off, Update Wellness, Get Vaccines ½ Price*
Drop off Monday- Friday only, as early as 7:30am, pick up before 6pm

Service Includes:
Wellness Blood Work (panel age dependent)
Heartworm test

Distemper combination vaccine (required)
Rabies vaccine (required)
Bordatella vaccine (required)
Leptospirosis vaccine (required)
Influenza vaccine (recommended)
Lyme’s vaccine (recommended)

Distemper vaccine (required)
Rabies vaccine (required)
Feline Leukemia vaccine (recommended)

Call for an estimate or walk in to receive one

Don’t forget to let us know if you need heartworm and/or flea and tick prevention
We also offer nail trims and ear cleanings
We have a groomer on staff (by appointment only)

*Offer is for well pets healthy enough to receive a vaccine. If systemic disease is present different charges may apply and an updated estimate will be provided before care.