HomeAgain Microchip

A microchip may be the most important gift you ever give your pet.  It does not require surgery and does not hurt your pet.

Did you know:  getting lost is the #1 cause of death for pets, 1 in 3 goes missing during its lifetime and without ID, 90% of pets never return home. 

Any pet can get lost at anytime.  HomeAgain provides the best chance for a happy homecoming.

Here at VCA Pets First we have at least 2 pets per month that are found in our area and brought in to be scanned for a microchip.  If the pet has been microchipped, we call their owner immediately.  If the pet is not microchipped, the owners are not found.

HomeAgain Microchips have placed over 1 million pets back to their owners.  For the love of safety, have your pet microchipped. 

Please call us and we will be glad to microchip your pet at a low cost of $39.99.