Client Services

  • Client Service

    Stacey B

    Stacey transferd as a Receptionist from one of our sister clinics in November 2013.  We are very excited to welcome her to our team.  Come by or call and get to know Stacey.  


    "To me, animals are 'innocents' and I find nothing more rewarding than knowing, love is never having to say anything at all."

  • Client Service

    Brandy P

    Brandy is an asset to our Client Service Team, she greets everyone with an infectious smile.  Her first priority is to take care of the clients and their pets.  She is an experienced veterinary receptionist and brings with her the skills to keep the Client Service team operating efficiently. 


    "The instant joy and gratification that you recieve when you have made an impact on someone's life, whether they have fur or not, was and still is "love at first sight" for me.  I love my careet and would not trade this journey for anything else!"

  • Client Service

    Judy T

    Judy has enjoyed working in client service.  She is always available to help you with your pet questions and concerns.  While here Judy has learned alot about the Veterinary Medicine and continues to gain more knowledge every day. 


    "I love being here to help the clients take care of their furry babies.  I knew as a small girl that I would someday have the job of my dreams where I could help animals."