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The People Make It The Best

-Michael Thompson from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Graisyn

I brought my beloved Graisyn to Pets Are People Too Chamblee for the first time for what I thought was probably just a cold. I chose PRP2 Chamblee solely because it was close to home and work. The moment Dr. Hooper walked in the room Graisyn wanted to go to her. Her bedside manner and excellent people skills made what can be a traumatic situation for animals a much easier experience. Dr. Hooper thoroughly examined her with the utmost of care and she even purred throughout the exam. Unbenounced to me Graisyn was going into congestive heart failure and although she did not pull through the love and care that Dr. Hooper and the staff showed to her and me during the next 3 days was nothing short of exceptional. I really don't know what to say to make them understand what their actions meant to me through that difficult time and that is why I am writing this today. Animals are a part of the family - our children if you will and they deserve nothing but the best. THE BEST is exactly what your animal will get at Pets Are People Too Chamblee. I have since adopted and new 7 month old kitten. I'm proud to say that I'm happy to take her back to Dr. Hooper and the staff at PRP2 Chamblee. In fact I stopped in to let them know that I would be back with my new little girl and they spent 45 minutes just talking and sharing stories and remembering what a precious animal Miss Graisyn was - there are not many places these days who will show that kind of compassion and care towards owners and their animals.

An Incredible Pam

-David M from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: George

I have gone to this location for 13 years (I have a very old dog now who is very healthy). Service has always been great, but when I recently went in, Pam was the vet assistant. She was incredibly friendly, but also so efficient, doing things before I or the vet had a chance to ask or remind. She explained everything and wanted me to have the best and most affordable care possible. She was awesome!

The Best Care Anywhere

-John and Helen Parker from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Lizzie

We've been taking our dogs to PPT-Chamblee since 1985. Incredible caring people, great vets, great service! Over the years they've helped us through the loss of our much beloved Maxes (I and II) and now are taking great care of our Corgi. Can't find better care anywhere!

Wonderful and thorough

-Tony from Chamblee, GA
Pet Name: Jasmine and Tilly

We have been bringing both our dog and cat here since moving to the area in 2009. The staff is very personable and thorough each time we come in. We especially enjoy seeing the same folks each time we go as they seem to have very little turnover. Their hours are great and they have always been able to see us, even on short notice. We highly recommend this clinic!

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thank you

-Annie from Dunwoody, GA
Pet Name: Puggles

I first came to Pets Are People Too four years ago when my pug was 10 and very ill. PAPT saved his life, and I was told that if I took good care of him, he would live until 13. With VCA Pets Are People Too's help, Puggles is now well over 14 and doing well. I love Drs. Pope and Gracia and feel that everyone who works there really knows, loves and takes good care of Puggles. Thanks!

I trust VCA

-David B. from Stone Mountain, GA
Pet Name: Bogart

I live in Stone Mountain and drive to Dunwoody to bring my dog to them. They truly care about your pet and explain everything to me, showing how much they care about the owners as well.

Thank you

-Terri Taylor from Dunwoody, GA
Pet Name: Casey and Andy

We have been customers for nearly 13 years and we could not be more satisfied with the friendly and compassionate staff. What a great group of professionals. A big thanks to Dr. Pope for his kindness, expertise and judgement. "Casey" and "Andy" are your biggest fans!

you saved a cat

-fastfeasts from dunwoody, GA
Pet Name: Stray but now named Missy

My daughter and I brought in a cat that we had rescued...the cat was skin and bones...we had picked her up 36 hours earlier but she would not eat or drink..she just sat by the bowls and hung her head and looked. Caitlin the tech on duty looked at her since there was no one else to see the cat and we were afraid shortly her organs would start to shut down. Caitin suggested that we try to feed her pureed tuna or salmon. We tried the tuna when we took the cat home and she started to lick some of the food and was able to make it until the morning when we were able to see a vet. Our thanks also to Rasheeda who was on duty that night and helped us also. Again it is thanks to these to young ladies that the cat is living and she is on canned food and dry food now..thanks to both of you!

Very Caring

-Georgia from Dunwoody, GA
Pet Name: Georgia

The entire team was so great to us when our 14 year old beagle needed care, and they were so kind to her over the years.