Boarding Information


We offer several amenities for our boarding pets at VCA Pets are People Too Dunwoody.

Basic Services - All pets under our care will be given time in the outside runs every morning, evening and after every meal. Every pet will be allowed adequate time to exercise and potty. All runs are equipped with clean water during the pet’s time outside.

Walks - This is an extra outside break. Pets will be placed in the outside run to get fresh air and exercise for additional time during hospital hours.
If a patient is feed 2 times per day with an extra walk they pet will be taken out 3 times a day. If the pet is feed 3 times per day with an extra walk the pet is to be taken out 4 times per day.

Playtime - Each pet receiving playtime will be taken outside on a leash (lunge line) to the yard and receive playtime with toys and a kennel technician. These pets are to be given adequate time to enjoy the employee and the outdoors. A minimum of 30 minutes per pet. If the pet is not in a playful mood in the morning you may split their playtime to two 15 minute breaks with one in the AM and one in the PM.

Ice Cream/Snacks - When Ice Cream or Snacks are requested the pet is to be given a small container of Ice Cream to enjoy each time requested. For Snacks the pet is to be given the designated snacks the owner brings or given Hypoallergenic Treats, Hill’s Science Diet Oral care, Prescription Diet Treats for patients on Prescription Diets, a few Pill Pockets or a teaspoon (small dogs) or tablespoon (large dogs) of ID can food.

Happy Hour for Cats - If the cat will tolerate it they are to be taken to an exam room and given time to exercise and play. We provide toys for their entertainment.

Please download and print the following forms prior to arrival. This will speed up the check in process and allows us to share some important boarding information with you.
Please call us if you have any questions or need more information.