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Thank you.

-Matt from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Venus

Thanks to ALL the staff at VCA / Pets are People Too ! I've taken my "kids" to several vets. in town - but finally found the BEST that Atlanta has to offer at VCA...

Don't expect a receptionist to call you with a medical update on your kid, like most in-town vets. Here, the vet calls !

Too many names to mention, but EVERY experience with my 3 kids has been a great one at Pets are People Too.

If you want the best for your's here.

Thank you all so much !

Rufus' Emergency Visit

-Melissa from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Rufus

I recently made an emergency visit with my 4 year old Dachshund, Rufus. Dr. Bender and her technician, Erika, were absolutely amazing. My dog had gotten a piece of wood lodged in his mouth from a wicker basket I had in my house. They were so quick to take care of him as he was very distressed and uncomfortable. Erika, who was outside with another dog as I pulled in the parking lot, grabbed Rufus and ran him inside for me. Not only did they help my dog but they were also very compassionate in helping to calm me down as well. Thank you all very much for the amazing care you provided Rufus and I.

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Love the staff

-Austin and Maria from Vinings, GA
Pet Name: Lady Pickles

We love the service at VCA! All three of our cats, Lady Pickles, Mr. Toast and Ms. Sweet Pocket, are happy customers! All advice offered has been most professional and honest-- And it means the world that the staff always gets excited to see the cats! We've never had to wait long to be seen, and the 24 hour emergency service makes us feel really comfortable! We'll never take our guys anywhere else.

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BIG Thank You

-Julie from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Juke

I can't say enough good things about the vets and staff at VCA Pets are People Too. Around 1 am on a Sunday night, my cat Juke slipped out an unlocked 4th floor patio door that had crept open. We found him 3 floors down, impaled on a tree screaming for help. We rushed him to this amazing 24-hour veterinary clinic, with the tree branch still going right through his little tummy, and into the caring and skillful arms of the emergency vet, Dr. McFarlane. The miraculous 4-hour surgery she performed that night, and the incredible intensive care and recovery efforts of Dr. Olga, Dr. Phillips, Dr. Draper and the many vet techs and assistants over the next 6 days, saved Juke's life after this horrible accident. Throughout his recovery, the amazing staff at VCA PAPT provided constant updates on Juke, and met my frequent calls and visits with caring, attentive support each and every time. The vets took so much time with me, explaining every procedure and medication, and I never felt rushed despite my never-ending questions at each visit. The vets and staff show that they truly care about your animal and always go over and above in the service they provide. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff at VCA PAPT for the extraordinary skill, knowledge, attentiveness and care that went into saving my kitty's life.

Dr. Phillips

-frank r seigel from atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Roxy

My Dachshund means everything to me. Dr. Phillips saved her life. I cannot stress how skilled this man is. He loves animals (he has dogs and cats and other little critters) and his skill is simply remarkable. He charges in a fair manner. I have made him the primary care doctor for both of my beloved dogs. His early diagnosis of Cushings Disease allows us to bring comfort to Roxy. He appears to have had very comprehensive training. I recommend him highly!!

Dr Phillips

-Sylvia from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Marley

Marley and Me....have received such great kindness and care from Dr Phillips and his staff. We have been going now for a couple of years and although there are two vets within a couple of miles, and thank Heaven, Marley has nothing seriously bad except her appetite,...we trek to Midtown for her care...where everyone knows her and showers her with attention!
After food, attention being her favorite thing!!

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Most Honest and Helpful pet ER in Atlanta

-Relieved and Grateful from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Dara Barrett

The ER doctor last night saved my dog's eye! Our 6lb poodle mix was attacked by a cat and had her eye badly scratched. Unlike other Emergency Vets in Atlanta, The ER doctor didn't try to rip me off by praying on my emotions and telling me she needed things that she didn't need (which happened at another vet last year when Dara ate some Chocolate). The total cost of the visit was less than the estimate, which never happens.

PLUS, the ER Doctor did suck a great job! The specialist he referred us to said the she couldn't have done a better job with a treatment plan and prescriptions. She left Dara on the regimen and medicines he prescribed. And credited him with saving her eye, saying we were VERY lucky that he started the appropriate treatment plan last night.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for saving my dog's vision without costing me my rent money.

Incredible Service to Deserving Animals

-Beattie from Atlanta, GA

The Pets Are People Too veterinarians and staff are incredible! I recently brought two feral kittens to be spayed, neutered and immunized. Another vet practice told me that feral kittens could not be socialized. The doctors at Pets Are People Too-especially Dr. Hayes and Medical Director Dr. Brad Phillips are terrific. All the staff are miracle workers! Within a few days, my once feral kittens are now tame and loving toward people, because of the wonderful care they received at Pets Are People Too. The evening emergency staff are truly amazing!! My former feral kittens are now adoptable-thanks to the dedicated, caring and loving staff at Pets Are People Too. Because this Hospital is fully capable of handling emergencies around-the-
clock, there is no reason to ever go anywhere else!! I will always be in their debt. Gratefully, Beattie

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-Wendy Baker from Atlanta, GA
Pet Name: Ashby

I had to put one of my babies to sleep last week and it was an extremely heartbreaking day for me. Dr. Morel was so good with Ashby and was compassionate and patient with me. I have been bringing my kitties to VCA for over a year for weekly fluids and they are always so good with them. Now that I am down to one, kitty, I will eventually adopt another and they will be my vet of choice (once again). Thank you!