Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Gary West

    Born in Germany, but Gary grew up all over the map and landed in Atlanta a few years back.
    Gary has been with our hospital for a very long time. His dedication shows every single day in everything he does.
    Gary's favorite part about being a team member at VCA Pets Are People Too is that he loves having the opportunity of being "the pet's advocate." He is a great representation of someone who has your pet's best interest at heart!

    "Shiny, Happy Pets!
    I enjoy seeing our clients and pets come through our doors each day and being able to help them no matter what their needs."


  • Receptionist

    Lee Morton

    "I work here due to my passion for animals. I come to work each day wanting and wishing to save lives of each pet…I enjoy seeing our pet parents happy and our patients healthy.
    Overall, it’s a pleasure to be a part of the VCA family and I love everything we stand for."


  • Receptionist

    India Robinson

    "I am very committed to personal, individualized customer service and I love animals.  I like knowing that people come to us to help them understand how to care for and understand their baby's needs and wants, as well as treating their baby.  My favorite part of the day is sending home a pet that came in sick, but is now feeling better and back to normal: and seeing smiles and joy on their parent's face!"

  • Receptionist

    Megan Stansell

    Megan has a huge passion for animals. She graduated from the UGA Forestry and Natural Resources school with a degree in Wildlife Science. Her favorite animal is an elephant. Due to her amazing cats and dog at home, she would like to eventually become a veterinarian for domestic animals. "I came to VCA because it is a 24-hour hospital and I like that our clients can be reassured that there is always someone here to take care of their pet's needs."

  • Receptionist

    Tracee Talton

    "I enjoy meeting people and their pets..they always have such interesting stories to tell.  I also enjoy learning ail I can from the doctors about veterinary medicine."