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Published: Jan 03, 2012

When temperatures and snow start falling, pet owners will want to keep in mind the cold weather can be dangerous for animals. KAIT-TV, a news channel in Jonesboro, Arkansas, recently highlighted a few tips to help people keep their pets safe this winter. Cats and dogs who spend a lot of time outside should be provided shelter against the elements so they have a place to retreat and stay warm.

While cats may balk at the idea of wearing sweaters, dogs are generally more receptive to adding layers to stay warm. Animals are just as prone to catching colds and getting frostbite as people, and the news source recommends that they should be dried right away if they have been outside in the rain or snow.

Dampness and freezing temperatures can rapidly lead to frostbite, especially around the ears, paws and tails, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. It is important to pay attention for signs of frostbite, such as discoloration and coldness. If these signs are noticed, the sick cat or dog should be taken to a veterinarian right away, as frostbite may be accompanied by pneumonia or other issues.