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Published: Oct 12, 2011

Choosing to get a new puppy comes with a lot of responsibility, starting with house training.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, the main goal every owner should have during this process is teaching their new pup where it can go to the bathroom and where it cannot.

To begin training, choose a room with an exit to the outdoors. Owners should use this same area and door throughout the training process to help the puppy associate it with going to the bathroom.

Once an area is set up, try to take the dog outside within 30 minutes of it waking, playing, feeding or drinking. VCA reports that most puppies need to eliminate every three to four hours during the day, so with each passing month the puppy should start to be able to control itself for longer.

Once outside, supervise the dog to make sure it is doing its business. If it goes out and only wants to play, bring it back in and watch it closely for 10 minutes, then take it outside again to see if it goes. reports that owners can also keep their puppies contained to one room with all their supplies during training so accidents around the house are less likely.