Veterinary Support

  • Technician

    Andrew "Drew" Toney

    Drew has been working with animals most of his life. Before joining us at VCA Pee Dee, Drew practiced his veterinary technician skills at another local office while breeding and raising Pit Bulls. Drew is an excellent technician who constantly seeks to improve his skills and knowledge.

    Favorite part about working at VCA: Drew enjoys participating in our online and regional training courses, grooming pets, being able to assist in surgery, and being a part of the excellent care we provide for all patients but emergency cases hold a special interest for Drew.

    History: Drew is originally from Hartsville, SC.

    Pets: Drew has a Ball Python named Kaa, a Pitt Bull named Snowman, and an African Jack Dempsy Cichlid named Jack.

    Hobbies: In his free time Drew enjoys riding his motorcycle and four-wheeler. He also enjoys fishing, grilling, video games, and playing basketball.

    I have loved dealing with animals since I was a young child and often offered my assitance to neighborhood pets.