Christopher Blum, VMD, Medical Director

VMD, University of Pennsylvania


Originally from North Carolina, Dr. Blum received his B.S. in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a M.S. in Physiology from North Carolina State University. Dr. Blum then attended the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2005. After practicing for a year in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Dr. Blum and his wife moved to Colorado where he joined a small animal practice in Golden. After a short time, Dr. Blum became the medical director of the practice for the next 6 years. As surgery had always been an interest of his, Dr. Blum left general practice after 7 years and completed a surgical internship with Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists in Longmont, Colorado. After his internship, Dr. Blum decided to return to general practice along with the knowledge he gained from the internship. Dr. Blum is also certified in veterinary acupuncture and has been offering this treatment modality to his patients for the past 6 1/2 years. In addition to these, Dr. Blum has interest in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and special species (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters). On his down time, Dr. Blum likes to garden, ride his road bike, and enjoy time with his wife and their three house rabbits.

Interesting fact: Unlike the rest of the veterinary schools in the country, University of Pennsylvania graduates are designated with a VMD (veterinary medical doctor) as the veterinary school was started with the help of the medical school.