• Hospital Manager

    Nicole Pace-Thompson
    School: Lindenwood University, M.B.A.

    Nicole has over fifteen years of experience in the veterinary field. She has worked as a receptionist, kennel attendant, veterinary assistant, inventory manager, and a veterinary technician. Nicole worked for a VCA Animal Hospital in Missouri for many years as well as for a University working with a wide variety of animals ranging from bats to orangutans. Nicole received her M.B.A from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri in September 2012. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nicole is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Nicole lived just outside of Saint Louis, Missouri most of her life until she moved to Colorado last July. Currently, Nicole lives in Thornton with her husband Jeramy and their two furry kids Ricky a 10 year old Lab mix and Siena a 7 year old chocolate Lab/Border Collie mix. Until February 2014, they also had Lucie a 14 year old German Shepherd mix who was Nicole's first foster dog turned rescue baby. Nicole has a passion for the veterinary field and the team environment it fosters. In her free time Nicole loves to do anything outside, especially activities she can include her dogs in such as hiking, swimming and playing Frisbee.

  • Office Supervisor

    Princess Muffy

    Muffy, a.k.a. the Princess of Park Hill, is a Denver native and has been in the vet industry since 2001. Muffy is the de-stress coordinator at VCA Park Hill and demands daily meetings with each employee. Her extensive education has been predominantly acquired in the doctor's office. Her expertise in radiology is her strongest contribution to the clinic, which is why she spends much of her time sleeping in radiology and helping interpret films. Her other veterinary experience includes shedding on doctor's chairs. Outside of veterinary activities, she enjoys breakfast and dinner, vomiting on the only carpeted areas of the hospital, feline modeling, and sun bathing.