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Published: May 04, 2011

The majority of people that own a dog or a cat can agree that their pets make their lives better. According to HTR News, there are several ways in which these furry friends also make their owner's healthier people.

A woman from St. Louis did not follow a regular workout plan until she got her Labrador.

"One day when we were walking, I figured maybe I could try to get some exercise since I'm already out there," Kim Goedeker said to the news source. "So I started running little by little with her, then made a goal to run a 5K."

It can also help keep children fit. According to a recent study conducted at Australia's Deakin University, owning a dog can decrease the chances of a kid becoming obese by nearly 50 percent, the news source reports.

Many dogs and cats have homes in which they are creating a better life for their owners. According to the Humane Society, there are about 77.5 million pooches and 93.6 million felines owned in the United States.